Statement from Church leaders: vote next week, vote positively

"We call on UK Christians to give voice to their values byvoting at next week's European Parliamentary Elections on June4.

"In a world grappling with global financial meltdown, climatechange and poverty it is more important than ever that UK citizenschoose their representatives carefully.

"Voting is a right, but it's also the right thing to do. It is achance to make our voices heard in the midst of the currentpolitical turmoil. Many feel disillusioned with mainstreampolitical parties, and the scandal over MPs' expenses hasemphasized the need for our politicians to be heldaccountable.

"But we must hold our representatives accountable for more thanjust their expenses. They are accountable for enacting policiesthat promote justice and seek the common good. Extremist partiespromoting values and policies which are incompatible with Christianbeliefs need to be faced down with a high voter turnout.

"We implore all Christians around the UK to vote next week and touse their vote positively for the values and interests they believein.

"This week the Church will be celebrating Pentecost, when God'sHoly Spirit was poured out on God's people. In the coming days wehope that people across the European Union will discern theSpirit's leading, and after prayerful consideration will use theirvote to support peace, justice and the integrity ofcreation."

Revd Jonathan Edwards
General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Revd Stephen Poxon
President of the Methodist Conference

Revd Dr Kirsty Thorpe
Co-Moderator Elect of the United Reformed Church GeneralAssembly