Statement on Supreme Court Judgement

The Revd Gareth Powell, Assistant Secretary of the Conference,said: "The judgement of the Supreme Court has determined that anEmployment Tribunal does not have jurisdiction over MethodistMinisters. It sets out very clearly the nature of the relationshipthat exists and that such a relationship is defined by the StandingOrders of the Conference. It is important that the we read thejudgement with great care as we continue to ensure that ourpractices reflect the calling of the Church. 

"No court ruling could change the gratitude I have for theimmense amount of work undertaken by our ministers, now and in thepast. Those in ordained ministry, as well as those in lay ministry,continue to be vital to the Church as we share the Gospel and seekto live faithfully in response to the call of God. I ask you pleaseto pray for those who have been part of this case and for all whoare affected by its outcome."