Statement on the coup in Fiji

Michael King, Team Leader for World Church Relationships:'Although there have been political tensions in Fiji for severalweeks, it still came as a surprise to many that the military feltthat they needed to take control on December 5th. We are thankfulthat the country so far remains calm and hope for a peacefulresolution of the crisis. The Methodist Church of Britain has manyconnections with the Methodist Church in Fiji, including a MissionPartner in Suva at the moment, the Revd Dr David Upp.

'So we pray for and with all our friends in Fiji, in the variouswalks of life that they find themselves during the crisis,including the President of the Methodist Church, the Revd. LaisasaRatabacaca. Our prayer is for God's peace, justice andreconciliation throughout the islands of Fiji, and for wiseleadership during these uncertain days and into the future. Ourprayers are also for Fijians elsewhere in the world, and there aremany in the British Armed Forces, who will be anxious for lovedones in Fiji at this time.'