Statement on the murder of Coptic Christians by IS

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Ken Howcroft and Ms Gill Dascombe, have issued thisstatement in response to the murder of 21 Coptic Christians byIslamic State in Libya:

"We deplore the horrific killing of 21 Coptic Christians who hadtravelled to Libya for work. These people were taken hostage andkilled because of their faith as Islamic State and affiliatedgroups seek to divide communities through the most corrupt andbrutal methods imaginable. The majority of IS victims in Syria,Iraq and elsewhere have been Muslim. This demonstrates that we facea battle against a perverted ideology that people of all faiths whovalue tolerance will want to oppose. 

"Our most effective response must be to redouble our efforts tomeet with people of all faiths and share with each other thoseinsights that enable us to achieve understanding, overcomedifference and celebrate our common values. Today our prayers arefor the families and communities affected by this appallingatrocity and for our sisters and brothers in the Coptic Churchcommunity who are hurting at this time."