Statements on possible cuts to foreign aid

20 November 2020

Following reports that the Government may announce it is no longer committed to 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) spending on foreign aid, the Presidency of the Methodist Conference and the Chief Executive of All We Can, the Methodist relief and development charity, have made the following statements: 

The Revd Richard Teal, President of the Methodist Conference, and Carolyn Lawrence, Vice-President, said:

"Times are tough for many of us – both here in the UK, and for our brothers and sisters across the globe. UK Aid is a percentage of the UK’s GNI – and so it changes each year, and is never beyond what we as a nation can afford. It is vital that we preserve the UK’s reputation as a champion of global justice. A measure of a nation’s values is seen not only by actions in times of plenty but by resolve during other times too.  As Christians, we believe it is our duty to stand alongside our global neighbours, and seek justice for the most vulnerable. As we are called to love our neighbours – wherever they might be - remaining vocally committed to 0.7% GNI is a moral imperative.’

Graeme Hodge, Chief Executive of All We Can, the Methodist relief and development charity, said:

"We must remain committed to our global neighbours – especially during these challenging times, when international aid had never been more needed. As Covid-19 threatens to wipe out 25 years of development progress, and force many millions back in to poverty, we must continue to support the most vulnerable through UK Aid. In our own work at All We Can, we have seen how our local partners have pivoted their work to reach even more people at this time. Remaining committed to 0.7% GNI ensures many more marginalised communities across the globe can rebuild and recover in the wake of Covid-19."