Survivor of 2010 Haiti earthquake to visit Methodist churches in the UK

An American minister who survived 55 hours with no food andwater is set to visit London on 13 January 2012.

The Revd James Gulley, who was trapped by rubble in the 2010 Haitiearthquake, will talk about how people have been rebuilding theirlives in the Caribbean island two years after the disaster struck.He will visit Wesley's Chapel in London, the Houses of Parliamentand the North Shields and Whitley Bay Circuit during his ten-dayvisit.

James Gulley was in Haiti in January 2010 as part of athree-member team from the General Board of Global Ministries ofThe United Methodist Church on a quest to improve medical servicesand agricultural practices in Haiti, one of the world's poorestcountries. The other two members of the team - the Revd Clint Rabband the Revd Sam Dixon - did not survive the earthquake whichkilled more than 250,000 people, according to figures reported bythe BBC. Mr Gulley's has said that his experience inspired him towork full-time with the United Methodist Committee on Relief inHaiti.