Thank you! MRDF receives £250,000 this Harvest

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) announced theresults of its Harvest appeal this week, with over £250,000received in donations over the Harvest period.

'We are very grateful to all the churches who made a special effortto celebrate MRDF's 21st birthday this year by dedicating theirHarvest offering to long-lasting development work,' said MRDFDirector, Kirsty Smith. 'The theme of 'small miracles' struck achord with many and we are grateful for the generous response. Wecan now use these new donations to make more small miraclespossible in the world's poorest communities.'

Hanworth Methodist Church was one of many groups that baked abirthday cake at Harvest to celebrate MRDF's 21st birthday.Minister Keith Rowbottom said: 'Happy Birthday to MRDF was sung inthe service and the cake was enjoyed by the congregationafterwards! As a small church working in an area of socialdeprivation in West London, but seeing gradual growth anddevelopment, Hanworth Methodist Church readily identified with thetheme - small things can make a real difference."

The benefits of the appeal will be felt by people like RadikaRokaia, from Nepal, whose story featured in MRDF's Harvestresources. Despite living in a remote and harsh environment, shehas learnt how to grow fresh food all year round thanks toagricultural training from MRDF partners. Giving an update thismonth, Radika explained that she has grown cauliflower, tomatoesand cabbages for the first time this harvest. She said: 'This year,there were so many different crops that if one was attacked [bypests] there were still plenty of vegetables from other varieties.'Thanks to the initial support that they received from MRDFpartners, Radika's group has made a profit of 2,000 rupees thisseason, which is equal to a third of average annual income in thearea, simply from growing vegetables.

'We know that MRDF supporters are keen to ensure that each donationmakes as big a difference as possible,' said Amanda Norman, MRDF'sSupporter Relations Director. 'That's why we are pleased to reportthat more Harvest donations than ever before were gift aided thisyear.' In addition, the charity is especially thankful for anincrease in regular income through new standing orders set up thisHarvest. This will secure an extra £40,000 over four years tosupport long-term development projects, which offer new skills,knowledge and opportunities to those living on the edge, helpingthem to withstand the effects of natural disasters.

MRDF makes small miracles possible for those living in the world'spoorest communities through: long-term development, emergencyrelief and campaigning against the causes of poverty. For moreinformation, visit www.mrdf.org.uk.