The Body of Christ has AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day - the international day of action on HIVand AIDS which takes place every year on 1December.

Susan Johnson, Mission Education Co-ordinator, said: "Today wejoin with thousands throughout the world to remember before Godthose 39.4 million people who are living with HIV/Aids. We thankGod for the work of the churches, other faith groups, NGOs and themany individuals who are supporting and caring for those who arestruggling to live in this situation. Through our prayers we showsolidarity and through our giving we show practical support."

The Methodist Church in Britain has a new poster campaigncarrying the stark message 'The Body of Christ has AIDS'. SusanJohnson explained: "Many people living with HIV are afraid to admittheir illness to other people because they fear rejection. But wehave a gospel that teaches us to love and accept all people. Whereone person suffers we all suffer. Methodists around the country arelooking at their theology, and at what it means to be part of theBody of Christ when people are suffering."



  • Listen to an audio feature on what The MethodistChurch is doing to fight AIDS
  • 'The Body of Christ has AIDS' poster is available from mph (tel: 01733 325002; order code GA290)
  • To find out about the many HIV/Aids projects supported by theMethodist Church contact the Mission Education Department (tel: 020 74675116)