The Conference elects President and Vice-President Designates for 2015/16

  • Photos of the new President and Vice-President Designate here 

The Methodist Conference has elected the Revd Steve Wild to bePresident of the Conference in 2015/16, and Dr Jill Barber to beVice-President. Both will start their year of office when theConference meets in Southport on 27 June 2015. They will succeedthe current President and Vice-President, the Revd Kenneth Howcroftand Mrs Gill Dascombe, as the first item of the Conference'sbusiness.

Steve Wild has served fifteen years in circuit ministry. In 1998,he became Cornwall District Evangelism Enabler and the ConnexionalEvangelism Enabler Co-ordinator, as well as working part time withWest Country TV presenting programmes about Christianity in theSouth West. From 2004 he worked at Cliff College as Director ofEvangelism and tutor. He returned to Cornwall in 2008 to becomeChair of the Cornwall District.

Steve said: "I am overwhelmed by this news. It will be a privilegeto be President of the Conference, and a deep honour. I hope andpray that I can give something worthwhile to the Church during myyear in office."

Jill Barber, a local preacher in the Cheshire South Circuit, iscurrently Director of the Heritage for Mission Project at EngleseaBrook Chapel and Museum of Primitive Methodism.  As a trainedteacher and librarian, with a PhD in Archives, she has worked inCambridge, Aberystwyth and London. Until taking up her present rolein 2011, she was Head of Heritage Services for Hertfordshire CountyCouncil.  She is passionate about the potential of using ourheritage to challenge and inspire as we explore what it means to bethe church today.

Jill said: "I feel both humbled and excited as I look forward tosharing experiences and working with Methodist people across theConnexion, and face the huge responsibilities that come with thisrole."   

The role of President of the Conference is reserved forPresbyters, and Vice-President for lay people or Deacons.