The Life We Share: new study pack on inter faith relations launched

'This pack is for all Christians who want to understandpeople of other faiths and reflect on their own faith. I hope thatit will be the first step on a pilgrimage of exploration, apilgrimage to which I believe the church is called in the 21stcentury.' Dr Elizabeth Harris, Editor

It is no longer an optional extra for Christians to learn aboutother faiths but a necessity. This is the message at the heart ofan innovative new resource, The Life We Share, publishedthis week.

The Life We Share is publishedjointly by the Methodist Church and USPG and edited by one of thechurch's leading experts in inter faith relations. Particularlysuitable for group use, it features an audio CD with 15 people fromfive religions talking about their faith; a CD-Rom with printablegroup reflection sheets; and three booklets - an introduction,bible studies and worship material.

The heart of the publication is the audio CD, which featuresinterviews with 15 members of the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewishand Sikh faiths. The contributors speak personally on nine greatthemes such as Beginnings, Suffering and Hospitality. Their wordsopen up what makes people of other faiths tick, what strengthenstheir lives and inspires their actions.

The bible studies booklet focuses on passages related to thethemes on the CD. The group reflection sheets ask searchingquestions; one section, for example, reflects on the struggle forjustice in the Islamic world in the aftermath of 11 September 2001.The worship booklet contains prayers, songs and meditations fromthe different faiths, including Christianity.

This resource is an innovative new package, which will encourageChristians to seek opportunities for inter faith conversation andencounter.

"The Life We Share: a study pack on inter faith relations"can be ordered at a cost of £10 plus £3 p&p from Methodist PublishingHouse, 4 John Wesley Road, Werrington, PeterboroughPE4 6ZP. Tel: 01733 325002 - or from USPG, PartnershipHouse, 157 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8XA. Tel: 020 79288681.