The Methodist Children and Youth Assembly 2021, Conference Report

30 June 2022

The Methodist Youth President, Daud Irfan, has presented his report to the Methodist Conference sharing an enthusiastic response for the return of the Methodist Children and Youth Assembly, 3Generate, and a successful first year at its new venue, the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Following Covid, significant work was undertaken to build confidence in attendance, with 750 young people participating, supported by 250 leaders.

Three halls within the NEC Birmingham were dedicated to 3Generate. Venues inside included an arts centre, chapel, a health and wellbeing centre, theatre and town hall for conversations and debate. A rolling, inclusive programme of activities took place throughout the weekend. Tents were provided inside one of the halls for those who stayed overnight. For the first time, a new one-day programme was run for 4 to 7 year olds who attended with parents or guardians.

The theme for 3Generate 2021 was “In Tune”; focusing on how children and young people can connect with God and look and listen to God’s voice in their lives. This was the first year that covenants featured at 3Generate, with children and young people taking accountability to build their personal relationship with God. Covenants made at 3Generate included; ‘I promise to treat others the way I want to be treated’, ‘to speak out about the injustice I see’ and to ‘continue to serve God all my life’. Churches, circuits, and districts are encouraged to engage with children and young people to support them in living out their covenants.

Feedback from leaders revealed the joy at the return of 3Generate after two years’ hiatus with delight at “being able to join together in one place after such a difficult period.”

Presenting the report to the Methodist Conference Youth President, Daud Irfan, commented; “3Generate is an amazing experience for all those who attend. The wide range of participants and volunteers involved celebrated the intergenerational life of the church, creating an engaging event for young people from all diversities of life.

“Leading 3Generate 2021 as Methodist Youth President was a huge honour”, Daud continued. “I can proudly say that it was a special and cherished time that I will always remember. I have heard praise and received brilliant feedback in relation to how 3Generate plays a huge part in listening to the voices of children and young people by enabling their voices to be heard throughout the wider Methodist Church in an intergenerational context.”

Daud’s speech also highlighted his work as Methodist Youth President. “‘I have been able to follow up on our covenants through district visits, whether it be online or in person. And I have represented the Church in various events and meetings with government bodies and our ecumenical partners both here and overseas.

After his speech Daud said, “I want to take this opportunity to thank my minister, Revd Alexis Mahoney, superintendent, Revd Cathy Gale, Revd Irfan Martin John, my father and chair Revd Dr. Stephen Wigley, for their support, not just during this past year but their continuous love and kindness towards me and my family which has enabled me to thrive in this position.”

3Generate 2022 will be held at The NEC in Birmingham from Friday 30 September to Saturday 2 October. Tickets are on sale until the 31 July.