The Methodist Conference has voted to adopt a new strategy for Evangelism and Growth

30 June 2020

The Methodist Conference has voted overwhelmingly to implement a new Church-wide strategy for Evangelism and Growth. The God for All strategy commits the Church theologically, culturally, and financially to deepen its mission to be a growing, evangelistic, justice-seeking, and inclusive Church.

The strategy is the result of a year-long consultation across the Connexion involving more than one hundred large groups and thousands of individual conversations with leaders, practitioners, and ecumenical partners.

In the context of declining Methodist Church membership numbers, God for All prioritises helping new people become disciples of Jesus, starting hundreds of new churches, and raising up new lay and ordained leaders to join God in engaging diverse rural, urban, estate, and suburban communities across Britain. The strategy also focuses significant energy and resources on developing the role of young evangelists, serving communities experiencing marginalisation, expanding the Church’s digital presence, and helping Methodists live out their faith in everyday life.

God for All will launch in September with a focused Year of Prayer that will offer the Church’s work to God.

Trey Hall, Director of Evangelism and Growth, commented: “I am delighted that the Methodist Church has so emphatically affirmed this strategy and has recognised that its bold, missional commitments are absolutely crucial, especially in the context of the pandemic.”

 “We want every aspect of our commitment to evangelism to flow from God’s amazing grace. Of course, we must also have an intelligent understanding of changing demographics, cultural and social shifts, and the patterns of younger generations: and our mission strategy must engage these factors in relevant, practical, and compelling ways.”

 “This strategy is not built on any quick fixes. It signals a direction of travel for deep gospel transformation not only for the next five years, but also for the long-term future of our mission and whole life together. I prayer that it might be joy for the Church and the world alike.”