The race is on for Britain's best Mocktail recipe

Who can beat the Big Pants drink?

The Methodist Church has launched a competition to find the bestrecipe in Britain for Mocktails - soft drinks that still pack quitea punch. Entry forms for the contest come as part of 80,000postcards that will be available in cinemas showing the new movieBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

The postcards contain the recipe for the Big Pants Mocktail,currently judged to be the finest alcohol-free concoction you candrink. But the race is on for a Mocktail recipe that can top, andwhich will take the title of Tiny Knickers. The competition canalso be entered at www.mocktails.org.ukand this website has more recipes and fun, including a boozyversion of snakes and ladders.

Other recipes on the site include the Temperance Tantrum, theShrink-wrapped Cucumber, Mister Darcy, Blue Soup and Raining Men.All provide a great-tasting drink that won't leave anyone ahangover or missing memories!

Anthea Cox, Methodist Co-ordinating Secretary for Public Lifeand Social Justice: "We want recipes for Mocktails so good youwon't want to get drunk. Some people have got the idea that youcan't have a good time without getting smashed. With Mocktails, youwill have a great time and still remember it the next day."

Adds Anthea: "The soft drinks available in some places make thenon-drinker feel like a bit of a loser, but Mocktails look andtaste like any of the cocktails you'll find. But the end result isa lot of fun that won't end up with a headache."

Over 80,000 of the eye-catching postcards will be distributed incinemas showing the new Bridget Jones movie. The cards split intwo, so that people can send in a competition entry, while keepingthe Big Pants recipe to share with friends.

Anthea Cox: "The Big Pants recipe came from people who had aMocktail party with their friends. When several friends gettogether with a range of mixers, juices and flavours, they can havecan be great fun mixing new Mocktails; it creates an instantparty."

Although the competition is fun, Anthea says that she hopes itwill encourage people to practice "safe drinking." Not every drinkon a night out has to be alcoholic, she adds. "With Mocktails,people can alternate between alcoholic and 'virgin' drinks," saysCox, "switch to Mocktails when they think they've had enough booze,or even not drink at all."

Big Pants Mocktail
Half fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Pour over equal parts oforange and mango juice. Top up with plenty of ginger ale. Add adash of grenadine. Garnish with a slice of lime - or a cherry ifyou prefer.