The Trafficking of Women and Girls in Europe

The Women's Network in the Methodist Church is delighted tosupport the initiatives of the Metropolitan police as they launchtheir trafficking project in London. Following the success ofOperation Pentameter, Margaret Sawyer, National Secretary for theWomen's Network in the Methodist Church, said, 'I am very pleasedthat the Metropolitan Police Force has now followed up the workthat they did last year on the trafficking of women and girls byestablishing a more permanent project. This will surely sendmessages to all those who are intent on abuse and criminalmanipulation that their days are numbered.'

Margaret Sawyer also made reference to the excellent exhibition atSt Paul's Cathedral, 'Slave Britain' and the film due for nationalrelease on 23 March, Amazing Grace. She said, 'All people with asocial conscience should see this film for they will be inspired byit and the exhibition is deeply moving and troubling. Coming to ourattention at the time of the International Women's Day and so soonafter the consultation on the status of women at the UnitedNations, these two events remind us that women still have a lot tobear in the 21st Century.'