The Wesley Hotels in London

16 February 2023

The Methodists' proud claim that All Are Welcome now extends to two boutique Wesley Hotels in London.

The Wesley Euston has been recognised in a national newspaper for its outstanding location and environmental credentials, while The Wesley Camden Town has been officially opened by the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference.

The Wesley Euston was included in a list of the top European hotels near railway hubs in an article in the Guardian newspaper published on 10 February. The 100-bedroom, four-star hotel is a 15-minute walk from St Pancras station and the Eurostar. It was the first hotel in the UK to receive a social enterprise mark and has been recognised by the local authority as a carbon champion. The hotel started life as a hostel for overseas students needing a safe and trusted place to stay in London before it was transformed into a hotel and business centre.  

The Wesley Euston now has a sister hotel, The Wesley Camden Town, which was opened by the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference on 12 February.

The Wesley Camden Town has 38 bedrooms and is in the upper floors of the Camden Town Methodist Church building. The congregation have kept the lower area as a church space for worship. The Wesley Camden Town hotel has the same eco credentials as its sister in Euston.

The manager of the two hotels, James Barr, commented, “The new hotel has ensured the future of a Methodist building in the heart of Camden Town and allowed the congregation to focus on worship and mission in the community while creating an income for the work of the church.

“Both our hotels are named after the founder of the Methodist Church who taught us to have a servant’s heart, which fits the ethos of running a hotel. Our Methodist visions and values are the cornerstones of The Wesley hotels. We follow our moral and ethical convictions by doing the right thing even if no one is watching.”