Theological workbook on 'An Anglican-Methodist Covenant' now available

A theological workbook has been produced on behalf of the Churchof England and the Methodist Church by Dr Martin Davie, theTheological Secretary to the Church of England's Council forChristian Unity. Although Dr Davie has produced the workbook onbehalf of the two churches the ideas contained in it are his ownand should not be seen as representing the views of the churchesthemselves.

The workbook is intended for clergy, ordinands, lay ministersand all who are interested in theological study and reflection. Itis not a guide to the Common Statement nor is itan attempt to persuade people to support the covenant proposals.What it is an attempt to look as objectively and even-handedly aspossible at some of the major theological issues raised bytheCommon Statement in the conviction that these areissues which deserve serious attention by the people of God if theyare to fulfil their calling to be obedient to God in thought andaction.

Copies of this book are available price £4 from FrancisBassett at the Council for Christian Unity, Church House,Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3NZ. Telephone: 020 7898 1481. Fax020 7898 1483

Read the text of thebook (Note that this is a large document thatmay take a while to download)

Introduction to An Anglican-MethodistCovenant