Tim Annan to be next Methodist Youth President

Tim Annan

Tim Annan has been elected as Methodist Youth Presidentdesignate to begin his term in September 2016, following hiselection at this year's 3Generate, the Methodist Children and YouthAssembly, which took place from 20-23 November.

The current Youth President, Craig Gaffney welcomed theannouncement saying: "Tim has shown a real heart for young peopleand the Methodist Church. I'm sure he'll make a wonderful YouthPresident and I look forward to seeing the different ways that hewill impact the Church when he comes into office."

In his pre-election manifesto Mr Annan, who has been working andtraining as a youth worker, said: "I have seen the difference thatyoung people make for our churches and our communities. We are apassionate people, standing up for our causes.

"As Youth President, I will put forward the ideas of the youngpeople of the Methodist Church to challenge and change our Church.Together we can make an impact not only on our Church, but on oursociety as well".

This year's 3Generate took place at PGL Liddington AdventureCentre, Swindon, where close to 600 young Methodists aged 8-23gathered together to worship, learn and make decisions that willaffect the life of the wider Methodist Church. This year's eventwas a sold-out success, which saw more than double the amount ofyoung people and youth leaders attend compared to last year.

Highlights from the event included a variety of topicalworkshops, indoor and outdoor activities, debates and campaignswork. New additions this year included a speciallycommissioned  slam poetry session, club-style worship and zip wires.

In summarising the highlights of this year's 3Generate Craigsaid: "It's always amazing to interact with other young Christiansand other young Methodists in particular. There was a lot of reallycool stuff going on this year with the Silent Disco, Club Worship,Gospel Choirs... We really mixed up the worship and social formatsthat we've had in the past, which gave this year's 3Generate a newfeel and a vibe with lots of new exciting features. For a taste ofthis year's event, why not check out our YouTube channel,  3GenTV."

You can catch up on highlights from the event by searchingfor  #3Gen2015 on Twitter.


  1. 3Generate, formerly the Methodist Children & YouthAssembly, is an annual action-packed weekend for hearing the voiceof children and young people across the Methodist Church, focussingon fun, faith and friends. For more information,  see their website.
  2. A photograph of Tim Annan can be downloaded on the  Methodist Flickr page.
  3. Watch Tim Annan presenting his manifesto for Youth Presidenton  YouTube.
  4. For highlights of this year's event, please visit the  3GenTV YouTube channel or search for  #3Gen2015 on Twitter.