US Presidential Election

The President and Vice-President of the MethodistConference have released the following statement in response tothis week's Presidential election. 
The United States has chosen Donald Trump as its newPresident. Viewed from the United Kingdom, the campaign appearedmore hard fought, bitter and divisive than ever before. The resultwill undoubtedly cause both great pain and great celebrationthroughout the United States and the wider world. 

Many of the statements made by President-Elect Trump during thecampaign will prompt grave concern. Much of what was said wasprofoundly at odds with the beliefs and values of ourChurch. 

Our understanding of God's purpose is that all people are valuedand should be treated with dignity and respect. This value isincompatible with the "off the cuff" comments made  aboutwomen or in support of torture and mistreatment of prisoners; norcan it be reconciled with the more considered rhetoric directed atimmigrants and people of different faiths. 

The Churches view climate change as one of the greatest challengesfacing humankind. Our brothers and sisters in Pacific Islands arealready experiencing its consequences. We know that, even with theplans agreed at the Paris COP21 last year, many more people andspecies will be threatened. It is of profound concern that Mr Trumphas indicated that he wishes to ignore the world's scientists andleaders, dismiss the threat of climate change and refuse toimplement the Paris targets.

In a democratic society, votes bestow a right, and aresponsibility, to govern.  We respect and honour this, andrecognise that we are all facing a new political landscape. The Methodist Church must always stand with our sisters andbrothers in partner Churches as they seek to promote truth andjustice, holding the new administration to account whennecessary.

President-Elect Trump says that he will seek the common ground. We will pray for him and all who have the responsibility ofleadership.  We hope and desire that the United States willtravel a peaceful, generous, faithful and just path.

We offer this prayer:

God of truth and justice,
We give you thanks for the peoples of the United States OfAmerica; 
and pray for Donald Trump, the Senate and Congress at a timeof change and transition.
Grant to its leaders, 
vision, wisdom and compassion.
To its people,
listening ears, generous hearts and a spirit of unity,
to the world, 
a compelling vision of your kingdom that excites ourimagination, 
deepens our love,
and inspires us to build in every place communities of welcomethat cast out division.
In Christ's name,


Revd Roger Walton and Rachel Lampard
President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference