Walk the path of the cross with A Gift of Easter

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People are being encouraged to reflect anew on the Easter storywith the latest publication from the Methodist Church.

Readers of A Gift of Easter will walk areflective journey from Christ's temptation in the wilderness andtriumphal entry into Jerusalem, to the darkness of the cross andthe glory of resurrection. This second edition contains brand newimages and quotations from classic hymns, alongside Bible readingsand prayers that tell the Easter story.

"The road to the cross costs us, but we give of ourselves easilyfor we give in response to Christ's much greater gift," said theRevd Dr Mark Wakelin, President of the Methodist Conference. "It'sa story that speaks hope into the darkest corners of our lives, astory that cries out to be shared."

A Gift of Easter is designed for churches andindividuals to give away to their friends, neighbours andcommunities, but is also ideal for small-group or personalreflection.

The booklets can be purchased from Methodist Publishing at theprice of £5 for 50 copies, plus postage and packaging. A freePowerPoint presentation of the booklet will soon be available todownload here