Warm welcome for women bishops vote


The President and Vice-President of theMethodist Conference have welcomed the General Synod's vote toadopt legislation to ordain women as bishops. The vote means thatthe Church of England's first female bishops could be ordained nextyear. 

The Revd Kenneth Howcroft and Ms GillDascombe welcomed news of the vote, issuing the followingstatement: 

"We thank God that the General Synod hastaken the final step in the process towards admitting women to theepiscopate. We look forward to the appointment of women as bishopsin the near future and pray that their ministry within and beyondthe Church of England will be richly blessed.

"We are very pleased that, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit,the General Synod of the Church of England has been able to reachthe point of opening its episcopate to women. We recognise thatthis has been a long and difficult process. It has been animportant sign of the Covenant between our two churches that theMethodist people have, throughout, held their sisters and brothersof the Church of England in their prayers."