Welcome for the new Archbishop of Canterbury

Leaders of the Methodist Church in Britain have given a warmwelcome to Dr Rowan Williams, following the announcement that he isto be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

The President of the British Methodist Conference, the RevIan White, said:

"On behalf of the Methodist Church, I offer the greetings andprayers of the Methodist people to Dr Williams on his appointmentas Archbishop of Canterbury. His appointment comes at a significantmoment in the life of our two churches as we enter intoconversations on a Covenant between us and explore the partnershipof our two traditions.

"Archbishop Rowan's skill as a leader, communicator and teacherwill serve the Church and Nation well in the relationship betweenChurch and Society, Faith and the 21st Century. Through his giftsas a communicator he will be able to build bridges between faithsand traditions and act as an advocate for the dignity and qualityof life. I have sent him the greetings of the MethodistChurch."