Whoever you are, wherever you are - new website for children, teenagers, youth workers & parents

Whoever you are, wherever you are - new website for children, teenagers, youth workers & parents

A new website from the Methodist Church is offering resourcesfor children, young people, parents and youth workers.

www.childrenandyouth.org.ukhas age-appropriate sections offering stories, ideas and advice forchildren and young people themselves as well as specialist sectionsfor youth and children's workers.

"This isn't just another website about working with young people,"said Penny Fuller, Children and Youth Development Officer for theMethodist Church. "It's a hub of resources for the whole Church aswe join children and young people on their journey of faith. It's aplace where children and young people can find advice and supportas they live out their discipleship in the classroom, on theplayground and in the high street."

The website also has a special section dedicated to parents, withguidance and information for parenting children of all ages ontopics ranging from bereavement to relationships.

The site's specialist section for children and youth workers, TheWell, is designed to help, resource and support workers or anyoneinvolved in children's or youth ministry. They can access advice,training and information about what's happening in their region andwider and can also register directly to receive a quarterlynewsletter and emails. The Well Network will be launching at theend of April and will enable those who register to upload and shareresources. The Network Section will also help to connect Methodistchurches that are involved in uniformed groups, Pilots, Godly Playand Messy Church projects and Fresh Expressions.

Children and Youth Development Officer Meg Prowting said: "The Wellis investing in those involved in children's and youth ministry,whether paid or voluntary, to resource and support thempractically, spiritually and professionally. We hope that those whojoin The Well will see the benefit of being linked to others withsimilar roles across the Church, and gain from the information,training and retreat opportunities that are available."