World Methodism grows in run-up to Brighton

Methodism is growing globally at a rapid pace, figures show, andthe World Methodist Council (WMC) is exploring ways to better servethis rising membership. World Methodists members have risen from19-34 million in the past four decades. The wider community servedby Methodism jumped from 42.5 million in 1956 to 70.2 million in1996.

The WMC plans to launch a £13 million endowment campaign,"Achieving the Vision," during the World Methodist Conference inBrighton in July. The campaign aims to support internationaltraining and evangelism programmes. Increasing numbers ofMethodists particularly in Africa and Asia have been aided byinternational evangelism efforts as well as help for memberchurches to train indigenous leaders, develop new resources forChristian mission and open new churches.

The figures are particularly encouraging in the run up to thefirst World Methodist Conference of the 21st century - due to takeplace in Brighton between 25-31 July. The gathering, under thetheme 'Jesus: God's Way of Salvation', will include Rev Dr DavidWilkinson, Rev Dr Leslie Griffiths and papal envoy Cardinal EdwardCassidy among the many speakers.

A full programme also includes many seminars and workshops,daily Bible studies, two performances of 'Hopes and Dreams' andmuch more. Anyone who would like to attend, can now get aregistration form.

Who to go to for relevant enquiries:

  • For registration papers: Rev Dr Joe Hale, General Secretary,World Methodist Council, PO Box 518, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina28745, USA.
  • Coach parties from British churches: Rev Martin Broadbent, 85Dartnell Park Rd, West Byfleet, Surrey KT14 6QD.
  • Other enquiries or translation assistance: Rev Dr NeilRichardson. Tel: +44 (0)117 959 1200.