Young Methodists geared to get Generous

A website for young people run by young people has been launchedby the Methodist Children and Youth Team.

Generous is a safe, online space designed to enable young people todiscuss and act upon decisions made at Youth Assembly - aninteractive body designed to maximise the impact of young people'sinfluence on the Methodist Church in Britain. Young people can signup to the site and pledge their commitment to different goals, suchas confronting racist behaviour or challenging Churches on theopportunities available to them.

The website offers young people the opportunity to work together onmaximising the impact they can have on the wider Church. Everyyoung person who signs up and joins the debate becomes an activistand voice for social change.

Pete Brady, Methodist Youth President, said: "Generous is a greatway for young people to keep in touch with others they met at YouthAssembly. It offers the chance for young people to share thingsthat affect them on a daily basis in their lives and churches. Thisis an opportunity for young people to be part of thedecision-making process emerging from the Youth Assembly that willthen play its part in re-shaping the Methodist Church. I am veryexcited about how this will increase youth participation across theDistricts. Generous is easy and free to join. The more young peopleleaving comments, signing up to actions, meeting in the chat rooms;the more dynamic the forum will be."

Pete Brady has piloted the website with a group of 'Generous DJs' -young people from Youth Assembly who have tested the site'susability. The DJs will also serve as promoters for Generous -getting their peers enthused about the site and working ondeveloping its content, direction and moderation.

Check out Generous here. The site willform a key component of the new Children & Youth website setfor launch this summer.