Young people elect new Methodist Youth President Designate

The Methodist Youth Assembly - 3Generate -  has electedMegan Thomas as the Church's new Youth President Designate for2014-2015.

Megan Thomas, 20, of Kerry, Powys in Wales, said: "I want to helpthe Methodist Church use one its greatest resources, which is theyouth. I don't want any Methodist young person to feel that theirage silences them."

From September 2014, Megan will work full time for one yearserving the young people of the Methodist Church in Britain. Herjob will involve enabling and encouraging young people to be heardand to be involved in every aspect of Church life. The YouthPresident is a paid post within the Children and Youth Team.

Megan is currently in her final year studying English and Drama atCardiff Metropolitcan University. "No young person should ever feelunimportant or insignificant, because we have a part to play in thefuture of the Church," she said. "We can be an example and, ifsupported and equipped correctly, we will be the future leaders ofthe Church, so the youth of today can bring about a bettertomorrow."

The current Youth President, Tamara Wray, said: "I am delightedthat Megan has been elected as the new Youth President. 3Generateoffered an opportunity for young people to gather together to voicetheir faith, needs and opinions and I believe that the YouthPresident has a duty to make sure that such issues are heard. Ibelieve that after my term is completed, Megan will do great a jobof continuing to work for the needs of the Methodist youth oftoday."

This year's Methodist Youth Assembly took place at the PioneerCentre, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. Around two hundred and fiftyyoung Methodists gathered over the weekend of 15-17 November tomake important decisions which will affect the life of the Church.Street Child World Cup, mental health and forgiveness were keyissues on the agenda.



1. You can find out more about the Youth Assembly on the 3Generate website, and read about the current work of theMethodist Youth President on Tamara's blog

2. A photo of Megan Thomas can be downloaded here.