Hive of Spirituality – finding a new language

10 August 2021

Geraldine Allen and Sarah Rodgers, who joined Pioneering Pathways at the beginning of 2020, talk about The Hive in Norfolk, and their quest for a new and meaningful language about spirituality.

At The Hive, we are passionate about helping people to awaken to their spiritual selves and find pathways to God.

We are searching for a new language of spirituality – a language that says God is everywhere, a language that shows there are no pre-requisites or hierarchies for encountering the Creator, a language that speaks of the present moment and the immediate experience – we are reaching in, out and up.

The Hive is located in a closed Methodist church in Central Norfolk which, together with David and Susan Jones, (all members at Swaffham), we have felt called to reimagine as a new place for new people.

We are promoting The Hive as a place of creativity, spirituality and well-being and our starting point is that, simply by being human, each and every person is on a spiritual journey.  We aim to express those spiritual journeys by using channels of creativity in all forms, especially music, creation itself, the senses and quietude; by nurturing observation, feeling, respect and connectedness; and by enabling healing and wholeness.

Pioneering Pathways is fundamental to the spiritual journey we, ourselves, are on as we try to discover what people need and want to take from what we are offering.  On our journey we are being accompanied by a brilliant network of pioneers countrywide, sharing our visions and ventures as well as our frustrations and fears. 

We are visioning and venturing outside the realms of historical church because too much of what church has traditionally been is irrelevant and unrecognisable to many in today’s world.  This is where we need the new language: “I still don’t get what you are about,” as one participant recently put it and then turned up at the next event! We are learning together what we are about, and if we don’t make sense, we need to change our language.

Our activities have been wide-ranging.  Our first event was a Son et Lumiere telling the Christmas story – a chilly outing in December 2020 which drew in local families and let them know that we were there.


After the next lockdown we built a programme around Mental Health Awareness Week offering well-being talks, practical sessions on breathing for health and nature connections through outdoor activities.  The next opportunity to present itself was Pentecost and our Power of Pentecost day provided a grass-mown labyrinth and various associated activities such as pebble-painting, to focus on remembering and thinking about others. The Power of Pentecost day reminded us again that each needs to be able to hear and understand in their own language.


From occasional Wild church which gave us an excuse to build a magnificent bug hotel and roast marshmallows over a firepit to weekly Rummaging through which borrows the Ignatian concept for tackling tough topics, often with TED talks, we are freeing the Spirit to work and speak where we are lost for words.


In our current Summer series, Yoga sessions speak of stillness and rhythm, guided walks speak of creation and human impact on the natural landscape, Music for Body, Mind and Soul speaks of listening, harmony and the whole person. Our next venture will be Celtic journeys in music, art, poetry and prayer – a rich landscape for new language! All at The Hive in October. Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/GreatCressinghamHive.