Love, always.

Love, always.

We are a big fan of love.

Not the red roses and chocolates kind of love. That gives us the ick. But the kind of love that is older than the universe. The kind of love that doesn’t die when our bodies do.

We call this Love Divine. Love Divine is powerful, it unbinds us. It can heal us and free us from the things that hurt us or trap us.

Love Divine is a choice you can make every day: to believe that your life is valid and connected to something bigger.

We’re Methodists - one of the largest groups of Christians in the UK.

The God we believe in is not an old white man sitting on a cloud. God is love itself.

One of our founders wrote a song roughly 300 years ago, describing Love Divine as ‘unbounded love’.

Love can’t be contained by any day or gesture.

Love is divine and unbounded and for everyone…

But Love Divine isn’t something that just happens to you. It’s an invitation.

You get to respond, and say yes or no.

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