A Response to Violence in Manipur - prayers from partners in India

After the recent violence in Manipur we have received the following from our Methodist Church Partner - Principle Rev. Dr. Sunil Caleb of Bishop's College, Kolkata

The Background

Manipur is an India state (province) that lies in the extreme north-eastern part of India, and has a long border with Myanmar. It is a state with people of various ethnic and religious identities living in it.  The main groups are the Meitei people who mostly have embraced Vaishnava form of Hinduism, the Naga people and the Kuki-Zo people [who are both considered to be Tribes under the Indian Constitution] and both of whom almost all are Christians (mainly Baptist).  An increase in population and lack of employment opportunities, have caused the Meiteis to demand rights which have so far have been only given to the Tribal communities, even though they are the dominant political grouping in the state with most of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of the State, including the Chief Minister, belonging to their community.  The demand of the Meiteis and the resistance of the Kuki-Zo people to this demand has led to violence between the two communities breaking out. Both communities have had armed militant groups [ currently on Cease-Fire agreements with the Central Government]  and it is also clear that the current Chief Minister (from the BJP) has sided openly with his own ethnic group, the Meiteis. The result it that there has been a complete divide in the state with the Meiteis evicting the Kukis from the Imphal Valley and the Kukis evicting the Meiteis from the hills. However, because the Meiteis have support of the state police, they have been able to inflict horrific violence upon the Kukis and the destroyed many churches and houses of the Kukis that lie within the area that they control. Thus, the situation is of a Civil War.  Unfortunately, the Central government in New Delhi, which is also led by the BJP, has not been neutral in this conflict and has allowed the current Chief Minister and his administration to stay in office, when it is clear that he has no ability nor inclination to stop the violence. Thus, the Kukis have decided to arm themselves and defend their areas.


O God who seeks that all live in Peace and Reconciliation,

we cry out to you to look with mercy upon the various ethnic groups living in the north-east Indian state of Manipur.

Grant wisdom to the various elected officials at the Central government level in New Delhi and the state level in Manipur to be able to begin and sustain peace talks and find a solution to the conflict between the Meiteis and the Kuki Zo people.

Help those who have lost loved ones and property and land in this conflict to be able to rebuild their lives.

Supply the needs of those who are running the relief camps for Internally displaced people in the state, that they may never lack the means to provide succour to those in need. 

We ask these prayers in and through our Lord Jesus the Christ, the Prince of Peace,


We have also received a statement from our partner the Henry Martyn Institute, from the Director, Rev. Dr. Packiam T. Samuel which you can read here