Celebrating the new twinning relationship between Harare West and the East Anglia Methodist districts

A new partnership was launched in January 2022 between East Anglia District and Harare West District in Zimbabwe. To celebrate this new link, the two Districts came together for a time of worship and praise, with congregations in Norwich and Harare, joined together on Zoom. The service was a rich sharing of hymns, readings, testimonies from both cultures and the gathered congregations of nearly 150 people enjoyed pre-recorded videos showing churches, their communities and activities from both Districts.

Bishop Paradza from Harare West District and the Reverend Julian Pursehouse of East Anglia District met in 2021 with representatives of both Districts to agree some common aims of the partnership, which include the enrichment of both partners through prayer and sharing of worship ideas. There is much in common and it is hoped that the two Districts might work together on topics such as equality, gender, social justice, climate change and personal and community development. Circuits, churches and groups (young people, women’s and men’s fellowship) will be partnered and encouraged to learn new cultures and develop links.

‘We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership can bring,’ comments Sarah Friswell, a member of the East Anglia District World Church Action team. ‘The launch event was a joyous occasion – and technology enabled us to feel connected to our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe as we all celebrated together. We hope that the partnership will bring lasting friendships and real and meaningful dialogue, learning and sharing.’

To learn more about how you can get involved in district twinning visit our twinning pages here.