CREAS’ statement on the British government’s proposal to decrease foreign aid

“…we are disappointed for the lack of social sensibility before the present crisis, especially towards those who most suffer the economic, social and environmental consequences.”

These are the words of the vice president of CREAS, Humberto Martin Shikiya, in response to the British government’s proposal to decrease foreign aid from 0.7% to 0.5% of Gross National Income spending. CREAS is a long standing, Latin American ecumenical partner organisation of the Methodist Church in Britain. Its mission is to enable churches and faith-based organisations to develop capacity in diaconal and development work, both with grassroots communities but also at a national church level to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the region.  Humberto believes that now is not the time for the British government to decrease support for communities that are suffering from the health, economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

You can listen to his full statement above. Please see here for a transcript of this statement.

For more information on CREAS, please see their website at creas.org