Cuba: A Growing Church during the Pandemic

The Methodist Church in Cuba has experienced strong church growth and has consistently made new disciples of Christ since the 90s. While the pandemic has slowed this growth, it has by no means stopped it. The head of church, Bishop Ricardo Pereira, shares this news about the situation in Cuba:

“In Cuba, we have had a sudden increase in COVID-19 cases. Last year, between 40 and 50 cases a day was deemed alarming. Now we are experiencing between 500 and 700 cases per day. The hospitals are at breaking point. The government has implemented very strict measures to control the rate of infection.


In the midst of all of this, the church continues to be active in the work of the Lord. We continue to grow, even if not at our usual rate…we continue to pray for all our brothers and sisters in the UK and in the world”.

Please join us in praying for Cuba:

God of hope, we thank you for the way in which your church continues to grow throughout the entire world, despite this global pandemic.

We thank you that your love can touch the heart of anybody who has an ear to listen to you and believes in the saving name of Jesus Christ.

We thank you for continuing to use our Methodist brothers and sisters in Cuba to reach out to their neighbours and communities and that many Cubans are coming to Christ in the midst of these troubling times.

Please strengthen your church in Cuba and the entire Cuban nation as it experiences a second wave of infection.

We pray that in your goodness the measures implemented by the Cuban State will quickly bring down the rate of infection and death.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.