Please continue to pray for Haiti and the Methodist Church in Haiti as it mourns the death of one of its members

Former Mission Partners in Haiti, Sharon and John Harbottle, have informed us that a former National in Missions Appointments* postholder, Vivienne Jeannot, has tragically been killed during an attempted kidnapping in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Mme Jeannot was appointed as an NMA following the earthquake in Haiti on 12 January 2010 which killed more than 250,000 people. She oversaw administrative and financial dealings for the church during the difficult days of restructuring and rebuilding and worked in the Bishop's office for Rev Gesner Paul.


On our arrival in September 2012 she was instrumental in guiding us in the complexities of the paperwork, bank accounts, residence and work passes, and through her contacts helped us to be introduced to the right people in diplomatic, civic and security circles, for the necessary approval.

She was a church steward at Port au Prince church and undertook her weekly duties with dedication. She was also the overseer of main events , religious or social, graciously serving and caring for staff and guests  alike, meticulous in her preparation and adornment of the venue, and following through to the giving of bouquets to main speakers...

...We will be ever grateful to her for making us welcome, explaining the culture and lifestyle in Haiti, showing us Christian care in her hospitality and when asked, advising us what was deemed suitable to wear.  ( For those interested, Come in Costume ( translated from the French) does not mean fancy dress , but Black Tie and Evening Gown,  and Town wear means as many sequins as you can manage- putting on the glitz....not easy for a Mission Partner.)

Her chic, precise attention to detail, and  sense of order will remain in my mind.

The fact that she has been kidnapped and met her death in captivity is a salutary reminder of the desperate state of insecurity that continues in Haiti, where there are more gangs than police, road travel continues to be restricted, people's lives are hampered and the work of the church is challenging. The country staggers on without a President or effective Government in either of the two Houses. People do what they can. Kidnappings average three a day and everyone is aware of their vulnerability. Some are released . Others not. We mourn Mme Vivienne Jeannot and thank God for her life and witness.

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Vivienne oversaw the utilisation of over £500,000 of donations for reconstruction and development work that were sent to Haiti through the Methodist Church in Britain's World Mission Fund Earthquake Appeal at the time. Let us join in with John and Sharon in thanking God for Vivienne Jeannot's life and witness and continue to pray for the people of Haiti. You are welcome to use these prayer points:

  • Strengthen and comfort for Vivienne Jeannot's family, friends and the Methodist Church in Haiti as they mourn this tragic loss
  • For peace in Haiti and an end to gang activity and violence, including kidnappings 
  • For free and fair elections so that a democratically elected President and government may be elected to tackle the social, economic and political issues and corruption that plagues the nation
  • For Haitians to find Haitian solutions to Haitian challenges, and that the international community will offer appropriate support.
  • For the Methodist Church in Haiti. May God strengthen our sister church that it may continue to be a witness and support to its vulnerable communities despite the challenges it faces
  • Giving thanks and praise to God that the Methodist Church in Haiti continues to witness to its communities and is one of the fastest growing Districts of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas.

*National in Mission Appointments were local mission personnel whose stipend was paid for by the World Mission Fund. These mission appointments fulfilled a mission need of a partner church and were funded for up to five years. 

Sandra Lopez  Partnership Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean