The Methodist Church in Chile and in Britain partner to support communities affected by central Chilean wildfires

14 February 2024

Recent scorching temperatures in Chile sparked wildfires that spread rapidly in the central region in the cities of Valparaiso, Quilpué and also Viña del Mar. So far, the statistics shared by the media are that between 3,000 and 6,000 homes have been burnt to the ground, over 130 people have tragically died, hundreds are still missing while thousands are currently homeless. The Methodist Church in Chile, our Global Relationships partner in the country, estimates that around 40,000 people are victims of the wildfires with 15,000 homes affected overall. 

The Methodist Church in Chile has taken up two national offerings over the last two Sundays to raise relief and recovery funds for communities. Among these communities are Methodist members and those associated with the Methodist Church in Chile.  We are in partnership with the Church in Chile with a solidarity grant of £15,000 from the World Mission Fund.  

The Methodist Church in Chile’s social action arm, MISCOM, will use World Mission Fund support to establish a six-month programme, offering affected communities emergency food relief and personal hygiene items, targeting families and the vulnerable (infants, pregnant mothers and families with older adults). MISCOM is working in collaboration with local authorities to ensure that the logistics of getting these items to the most vulnerable is effective and efficient. They will initially target 5,000 people from areas that have not yet received support from other NGOs or organisations. 

These World Mission Funds will also enable MISCOM to assemble a team of professionals that will ensure communities can make a holistic recovery. Social workers, psychologists, lawyers, nurses and other professionals from the wider Church will volunteer their time to work with local authorities and other organisations to provide humanitarian services to communities during the critical time of recovery. 

Please join us in praying for Chile and the Methodist Church in Chile’s relief and recovery programme. You are welcome to join us by using these pray points: 

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