The World Mission Fund used by the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda to support people affected by flooding.

Part of our Methodist Way of Life is Caring and Serving those nearby and in the world around us.  The World Mission Fund Solidarity grants are one way in which we do that with partners across the world.

Our Global Relationships Partnership Coordinator for Africa, Andrew Ashdown has received the following report on the Solidarity Grant from the World Mission Fund received by the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda in July/August 2023.

In early May 2023 Rwanda experienced heavy rain which caused floods and landslides in many parts of the country, especially in the Northern and Western Province. A large number of people were made homeless and in need of emergency support for basic household materials. While there was the effort by Rwandan government and other humanitarian organizations to find solutions to this issue, The Free Methodist Church in Rwanda was also directly responding to the needs of 128 families, who lost everything they owned.

Local churches provided temporary housing for people within the church buildings while also supplying direct assistance like food, clothes, and hygiene materials. At the same time, the church worked on details on how those people were going to get new housing, and basic needs. The most affected conferences were Kibuye, Ruhengeri, Kibogora and Nyabinaga. To keep on supporting the victims of the floods and landslides who were in critical condition, the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda received a Solidarity grant from World Mission Fund of to support 128 families.

The funds were used to buy:

  • Food and Hygiene materials as most people left their homes with nothing when floods and landslides took away their houses.
  • Foods including, beans, rice, maize flour, mixed flour of different cereals for porridge, Irish potatoes, cooking oil and others.
  • Mattresses, blankets, plastic basins and jerry cans and buckets.  
  • Agricultural seeds (beans, Irish potatoes and groundnuts) to replant land.


Bishop Samuel Kayinamura of the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda said 

We could observe happiness in the eyes of the victims and different testimonies of them with thanks to God who gave helping hearts to his servants (donors), who provided the support.

The Free Methodist Church in Rwanda is grateful to World Mission Fund, for its usual partnership and support, more especially this fund to support the victims of the floods and landslides that happened in Rwanda. When disasters like those happen, it is not easy for everyone, especially to the victims who experience direct impacts. In this case the FMCR was regarded to assist in provision for support in the critical conditions of victims of floods and landslides, it is against that, the FMCR is hereby send its heartfelt appreciation of the fund received from World Mission Fund, which is of great positive impact in the lives of the victims.

Thank you for the support of the work of the Global Relationships team. the World Mission Fund, and through them, partners around the world.

Please continue to pray for the work of the church in Rwanda

Funding like this is only possible through the World Mission Fund. Give to the World Mission Fund here.