Marking the Centenary of the Armistice in MHA homes

26 February 2021

mha-armistice-2Across MHA chaplains led memorial services and other events to mark one hundred years since the guns fell silent in 1918. As many of our residents would have known relatives who participated in the war it was a personal, poignant and moving moment for all of the MHA family. Fittingly, poppies played a central role in many of the services.

At Fairthorn Dore a picture of a poppy formed the focus for a card on which residents could write the names of people they wanted to remember.

Elsewhere candles, ration books and medals, all played their part in supporting the memories and significance of an important anniversary in our national life. Chaplain Jane Jordinson led the service at Fairthorne and wrote:

“I felt both humbled and privileged to be able to take the centenary remembrance service. We had a wonderful turn out from the residents, some who would not usually attend our services, which again highlighted the importance of the occasion. We were also thrilled to have some visitors amongst us. At the end of our service our residents, staff and visitors wrote the names of all those they wished to remember on a lovely painting of poppies that had been given to us for this occasion. There was a great sense of unity as we all did this. We then displayed this through the following week. After the service all the residents stayed on and reminisced over tea and cake.”

Article first published in the December Newsletter of the MHA Directorate of Chaplaincy and Spirituality