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Helping small groups begin chaplaincy projects

A small-group resource for nurturing engagement in God’s mission through chaplaincy

A small-group resource for nurturing engagement in God's mission through chaplaincy

Local, congregation-led chaplaincy is one of the most effective ways to collaborate in God's mission in the world; local people responding to local needs over time can change the world!

This seven-session course is designed to take a group from being interested in the ministry of chaplaincy to actually planning a chaplaincy ministry and doing it.

The resource is designed to be used in groups of three to eight people. Beginning with the mission of God and ending with the practical details of who is going to do what and where; this material mixes deep reflection, individual and group exercises as well as practical resources to lead you to respond to your local community.

The course can be downloaded below (all in PDF format) and is available freely to those working in any church or organisation that values chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy Everywhere Sessions

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The journey you are about to embark on is a pathway towards deepening your engagement in God’s mission. Firstly, we will place chaplaincy within the larger context of God’s mission in the world. We will then focus on the life of Jesus Christ and the growth of the Early Church, in order to understand the character of chaplaincy. Having placed chaplaincy in context and identified some of its core values, we will then get into the details of what chaplains actually do. Finally, we will begin to focus on what chaplaincy might look like in your own community and how you might go about actually doing it.

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Session 1: Caught up in the Mission of God

To be the missional people of God means to be caught up in God’s mission of renewal and re-creation. God’s mission is the context for everything that follows as we consider the ministry of chaplaincy in the twenty-first century. This first session explores God’s mission and our part in it as recipients and collaborators.

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Session 2: As Christ in the World

The coming of the eternal Son to earth in the person of Jesus Christ changes everything. This session focuses on his life, death and resurrection and how the significant themes of incarnation, sacrifice and witnessing to the risen Christ shape our understanding and expression of chaplaincy.

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Session 3: The Spirit of Chaplaincy

The ascension of Jesus Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost give birth to the Church as both a recipient and collaborator in God’s mission. This session explores some of the chaplaincy themes we observe as the Early Church, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, continued the ministry of Jesus in the world.

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Session 4: The Cloak of Chaplaincy

Martin of Tours saw a scantily-clad beggar in need of shelter and so he cut his own cloak in half and shared it with the man. Martin became known as the first chaplain. This session explores the sacrificial, caring and compassionate aspects of chaplaincy in the world. It will draw together some of the foundational values of chaplaincy as we consider how chaplains are called to be in places away from our church buildings.

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Session 5: What do Chaplains Do? Bringing it all Together

This session draws together many of the themes from the previous four sessions in order to provide a rich description of chaplaincy. We will hear chaplaincy stories from four different settings, which are based upon real-life examples, and draw out some practical tips. We will also consider the extra dimension that chaplains often bring to a place or situation.

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Session 6: Chaplaincy in Today's World: a Look at our Context

The world around us is forever changing; chaplaincy is a highly responsive ministry! This session will help you take a fresh look at your local community as you ask the question: where might God be calling us to engage? This is a mapping exercise that might lead you to some unexpected conclusions.

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Session 7: Mission Possible: Planning your Chaplaincy Project

A professional approach and thorough planning are essential steps on the journey towards forming a chaplaincy team. This session leads you through the process of creating a framework that will support, enable and establish a new chaplaincy ministry that can last.