Chaplaincy Newsletter (February 2021+)

22 February 2021

Connecting ChaplainsDon't forget our Connexional Connecting Chaplains event: 9th March, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Plus these new monthly Tea/Coffee and Chat opportunities beginning next month:

Agricultural Chaplaincy (10th March, 11.00am)
Community/Pioneer Chaplaincy (2nd March, 3.30pm)
Higher Education Chaplaincy (3rd March, 2.00pm)
Later Life Chaplaincy (2nd March, 2.00pm)
Workplace Chaplaincy (3rd March, 11.00am)

More information and registration details can be found on our Connecting Chaplains page.

Signpost for Chaplaincy

We've just launched our Signpost for Chaplaincy page which signposts to events, resources and information that might be useful for chaplains. We're hoping this will become an invaluable resource.    

Check out details of these new items on our Signpost for Chaplaincy page:

  • Wrexham Glyndwr University Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Networking Day
  • University Chaplaincy Report from Theos
  • Methodist Schools webinar: so, you're interested in school chaplaincy?   

We welcome suggestions for items on our Signpost for Chaplaincy page, please contact us with details.

Final thought

I continue to be amazed by the wonderful work that chaplains are doing at this time, even in such difficult circumstances. But I'm also aware of those chaplains who are unable to do much because of the restrictions placed upon our lives at this time - and the feelings of guilt or frustration they carry. So at this time, I want to remind you that your worth is not found in what you 'do'. 

Chaplains will be the first to tell others they are loved by God regardless, and so, let me tell you, that whatever you're doing, whether it be carrying on as near to normal, whether it's spending time praying for those you serve, or whether you find yourself struggling to be what you think you should be, you are dearly loved by God. Don't forget that.

Whatever your ministry looks like at the moment, you are welcome to be with us at any of our events. Let's continue to pray and hold each other in love. 

Every blessing,
Gary Hopkins

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