From the breaking of the dawn (StF 156)

Authors & translators:
Getty, Keith (auth)
Authors & translators:
Townend, Stuart (auth)
Composers & arrangers:
Getty, Keith (comp)
Composers & arrangers:
Townend, Stuart (comp)
Singing the Faith: 156 (CD7 #7)
STF Number:


Correction to words

The earlier impressions of the Music Edition repeat the words of verse 1 in the underlay for verse 3. (Unlike the Words Edition, which is correct.) Verse 3 in the Music Edition should be corrected to read:

"When I’m faced with anguished choice
I will listen for your voice,
and I’ll stand on every promise of your word.
Through this dark and troubled land,
you will guide me with your hand
as I stand on every promise of your word.
And you’ve promised to complete
every work begun in me,
so I’ll stand on every promise of your word."

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