Sunday 19 June, 2016

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings are laid out as for the continuous form of the lectionary. Alternative related readings (OT and psalm only) are below. Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading

1 Kings 19: 1-4, 8-15a (5-7 optional)

Dear Lord and Father of mankind (StF 495)
Lord, you sometimes speak in wonders (StF 158)
Open, Lord, my inward ear (StF 450)
Speak in the stillness, God we pray (StF 511) (Repeat last line when singing to "Vision")
We cannot bear the full light of your glory (website only)
When we are tested and wrestle alone (StF 240)
You give rest to the weary (StF 657)

Psalms 42 and 43

Hymn echoing the psalmist’s theme

Though the fruit tree doesn't blossom (StF 93)

Galatians 3: 23-29

Christ from whom all blessings flow (StF 676)
For the healing of the nations, Lord, we pray with one accord (StF 696)
He's got the whole world in his hand (StF 536)
Oh freedom, Oh freedom, Oh freedom (StF 697)
One human family God has made (StF 687)

Luke 8: 26-39

God! When human bonds are broken (StF 649)
Here is bread, here is wine (StF 586)
I am a new creation, no more in condemnation (StF 553)
Lord, you have come to the seashore (StF 558)

Alternative related readings

Isaiah 65: 1- 9

The God who sings a new world into being (StF 714)
The prophets’ voice comes down the years (StF 162)
The right hand of God is writing in our land (StF 715)
We do not hope to ease our minds (StF 717)

Psalm 22: 19-28

Hymn echoing the psalmist’s theme

Faithful One, so unchanging (StF 628)
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