Signpost for Ministry

This is the landing page for those in active ministry in the Methodist Church. We recommend all presbyters and deacons either make this their home page or check back regularly to see how the Connexional Team might help you, as we work together to fulfil Our Calling.


Updated Guidance 

Updated guidance on using Church buildings for streaming worship is available here.

posted 29/05/20


Use of buildings update

The majority of the property team guidance is now live – principal areas updated include early year education and construction/repair work. 

posted 27/05/20



COVID-19 and the use of our building

An update can be found here

posted 21/05/20


Supervision while social distancing.

As a reminder, guidance for receiving and offering supervision while social distancing can be found on the Supervision Pages of the website. By clicking the links below, you will be taken directly to the respective pages that hold these documents.

  • Guidance on receiving supervision while social distancing can be found here.
  • Guidance on offering supervision while social distancing can be found here.

Jane Leach, the Connexional Director of Supervision, has also written some guidance on the more technical aspects of supervising virtually. You can access that guidance by clicking here (Pdf).

posted 19/05/20


Wellbeing Resources and Hymns for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (18—24 May)

Click here

posted 15/05/20


A (free) message of hope!

We've arranged for a limited number of free copies of the Hope Together magazines for local churches to use for evangelism and mission. Packed full of testimony, inspiring stories, and spiritual encouragement, they're a great accompaniment to food bank parcels, care packages, invitations to online church gatherings, outreach to care homes and NHS workers, and more.

To order for your church, visit HOPE for All  and use the promocode: methodist-2020-mag. Please note this code  will give 100% off your order. However, HOPE are unable to remove the ‘Postage and Packaging’ charge at the check-out, so you will need to pay the P&P initially. As soon as your order is processed, HOPE will refund the P&P charge to you. This should be the next day.

These are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so please do plan wisely.

posted 15/05/20


I am due to move this August. What’s happening?

The Conference will be asked to adopt the changes to the stations as usual and at present we are assuming that all moves will go ahead as planned during the summer (therefore removals should be booked). A small contingency group has been established to look at issues that might arise and we will publish further advice if the situation changes.

posted 15/05/20


Re-opening Church Buildings

The Property team are currently working on guidelines with regard to safe reopening of our buildings.  Updates will be posted here

Many people are asking about the re-opening of nurseries and pre-schools in our buildings from 1 June, and please be assured we are working on the updated guidance which will be published as soon as possible.

Having checked the FAQ’s if you have specific queries regarding property please email,

posted 15/05/20


Reopening of building that are used as Nurseries and Preschools

Please note we are drafting this advice –and will post it here, and on the main website, as soon as possible.

posted 14/05/20


A training opportunity from the College of Preachers

“Four Weddings, A Funeral and A Christening”: an on-line workshop for preachers to explore how we can share the Gospel through preaching at weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Although how we minister has had to change in recent months due to the pandemic, funerals are still taking place, in some areas, sadly many more than previously. In time, weddings and baptisms will again be held. This workshop will look at how we can use these events to share the good news and hope of the Gospel.

This workshop will be led by the Revd Dr Duncan MacPherson, Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church, author and former lecturer in Theology.

Date & Venue: Thursday 11 June 2020, 11am to 1.30pm, via Zoom.

This on-line workshop is being offered free of charge.

To book a place on this workshop, please visit this page 

posted 12/05/20


COVID-19 Guidance 

For an update click here.

posted 07/05/20


Being transparent and safe online 

See our guide to Pastoral Contacts for ministers in a virtual world (Word doc)

See also The Children and Youth social media and communications guidance for churches 

posted 07/05/20


MHA Sunday 

MHA Sunday is a date where the church traditionally comes together to give thanks for the work of Methodist Homes (MHA) and to offer prayer for those in later life and those who care for them. This year Covid-19 has had devastating impact in our homes and schemes, with hundreds of lives lost including our residents, members and colleagues. At 3pm on Sunday  14 June, MHA will be broadcasting a service where we not only have the opportunity to give thanks and pray, but this year to also pause and remember those lives that have been lost to this disease, to pray for all in later life and those who care for them. Please will you stand with us in thanksgiving and remembrance at 3pm on Sunday 14 June?

Further details will be available on our website, nearer the time.

posted 05/05/20


Prayer and Methodist News for those without the Internet 

A FREE phone service to hear prayers and news from the Methodist Church has been launched.

Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514

Listen to news: 0808 281 2478

Content is updated weekly on Thursday evening. 

You can find the whole of this week’s Podcast here.

posted 01/05/20


Churches together 

Churches together have produced this prayer card for use in the Coronavirus epidemic – feel free to share it.

posted 01/05/20


Prayers with the dying and bereaved 

We have had some requests for help with prayers for the dying – when a minister cannot attend. And prayers with the bereaved.

Please feel free to share these with those it might help.

posted 30/04/20


Mission through Online Worship

An early study on the implications of Online worship in the Anglican Church is available here.   

If you have any insights to share please do email Paul Wood (Interim Director Of Ministries)

posted 30/04/20


Local Preachers' Meeting Guidance

Thinking how to run your Local Preachers’ Meeting during the lockdown?

We have drafted some guidance that can be downloaded here.

posted 24/04/20


Mental Health and Wellbeing for ministers 2020

We are conscious that, during this time, you are supporting people through all kinds of difficulties, challenges and unprecedented anxieties. Though you’re used to being with and alongside others in illness, bereavement, the end of life, and amid mental health difficulties, the scope and scale of Covid-19 are new, and challenging, and potentially overwhelming.

Download Some resources to support mental health and wellbeing April 2020 (Pdf)

posted 24/04/20


Tools for using Facebook

The presentations below were shared by Facebook during a recent conference call for faith and community leaders organised and hosted by Citizens UK. For those of you making increasing use of Facebook and other social media platforms, they may contain useful guidance and tips: but that is by no means a wholesale endorsement of Facebook! We hope they’re of use to some.

Keeping the faith on Facebook - interfaith slides

Faith on Facebook Toolkit

posted 23/04/20



Volunteering for chaplaincy in care homes


You will be aware that some of the most vulnerable people to Covid 19 are residents in care homes including those run by MHA. In a situation where there is a shortage of staff because people are ill or having to self-isolate MHA are looking for volunteer chaplains and it may be that presbyters or deacons would want to offer some time to this if you have capacity.


If you want to consider this please consult the superintendent minister and the circuit leadership team as the wider implications on work in the circuit will need to be considered, particularly as chaplains are limited to access to only one care home.


If you want to volunteer with MHA please send an email to


posted 14/04/20


Holy Communion and On-line Acts of Worship

For many Christians there will be a real sense of loss marking Maundy Thursday and celebrating Easter Day without the opportunity to gather for Communion. The Methodist Church has produced two resources which can be used when people are unable to take communion in church and are especially relevant as we find ourselves in lockdown. Methodists vary hugely in their attachment to Holy Communion.  Today it is common practice for Methodists to receive communion once a month, although for many years some congregations only celebrated the Lord’s Supper once a quarter. Drawing from other Christian traditions, a resource for Spiritual Communion has been created for people who aren’t able to receive the sacrament physically. The second resource is for a Love Feast, which has its roots in the early Church and has a particular place in the Methodist tradition. We are also reminded of the words of the Covenant Prayer, where we pledge to ‘freely and wholeheartedly yield all things’ to God.

The Methodist Conference of 2018 adopted the policy that: ‘presbyters and other persons authorised to preside at the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper are not permitted to use electronic means of communication, such as the internet or video-conferencing, in order to invite those not physically present with the presiding minister to receive the elements.” In doing so the Conference recognised that there are diverse views as to whether such practice constitutes Holy Communion, that there is not yet a shared understanding, and that the questions potentially lead to a significant re-imagining of sacramental theology.  This is in line with the position of our ecumenical partners in the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

While discussions have been taking place throughout the COVID-19 lockdown about how worship can be adapted for people at home, the Conference resolution of 2018 stands. We are conscious at this time that many people are not only isolated at home, but are also excluded from accessing services online.  Many of our sisters and brothers in Christ are deprived of the opportunity to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, so we stand with them at this difficult time. Many Christians around the world have no opportunity to worship or practice their faith freely and again we are mindful of their struggle while we navigate our own ways through this crisis. A recognition of what we are missing is itself a reminder of the privilege of being members of Christ’s body.

Jonathan Hustler


Easter Day Love Feast

An Act of Spiritual Communion for Easter Day

posted 09/04/20  



We invite you to share some of your ideas for celebrating Holy Week and Easter. Here are a few that we received:


Ideas for Holy Week and Easter Resoures

DIY Holy Week and Easter at Home


posted 06/04/20  


A funeral liturgy: I can’t get to a funeral 

The Ministries Team have prepared this short Worship at Home Sheet for those who cannot get to a funeral. Click here for the material.

Please feel to distribute as appropriate.

We are keen to hear from you what creative ways you are adopting to

  • ‘Visiting’ the immediate family to make funeral arrangements
  • How you are rethinking your practice in preparation and delivery of funerals
  • Supporting the wider mourners
  • Engaging with online funeral services

Please let us know via and we’ll share your ideas with others.

posted 02/04/20


Updated Guidelines for Funerals During the Coronavirus Crisis

With regret, ministers are asked to note the further restrictions on use of Methodist buildings and the number of people attending a funeral.

Click here for the guidance. 

posted 02/04/20


Ministerial Counselling Service

We recognise this might be difficult times for ministers. If you feel you would like to access the ministerial counselling services, please consult this document.

posted 31/03/20


Ministers' Wellness Survey

We have decided to extend the deadline for responding to the Wellness Survey by an extra fortnight – it will now close on 17 April. We sent out a gentle reminder to those who hadn’t responded yet just before the Corona Virus lockdown was announced. Since then, ministers are likely to have been working flat out setting up new ways of being church during the lockdown. Given that the survey is about ministerial wellbeing, it would be a pity if this unprecedented threat to health and wellbeing got in the way of people being able to give their considered response. So, if you have completed the survey, thank you! If you haven’t had a chance yet, you’ll find the survey here – it will probably take about 20 minutes to complete.

Survey URL:

posted 30/03/20


A message from Paul Wood and Jude Levermore

Click here for today's letter from Paul Wood and Jude Levermore

posted 26/03/20


Free material from ROOTS

ROOTS has produced free material to support Worship at home during this time. The material will be updated every week and two weeks will be available at any time.

Click here for the material. 

posted 24/03/20


Updated information on Baptisims, Weddings and Funerals

Click here for the updates

posted 23/03/20


All Church Buildings to close, please

The Methodist Church is announcing a closure of all its church buildings for the foreseeable future. The only exception will be for churches that are offering essential social outreach such as foodbanks, soup kitchens and night shelters, but these must be carried out closely within Government guidelines. The Methodist Church suspended worship services last week with some churches still opening for quiet prayer and reflection. This must now also be suspended. We would encourage people to use our online resources at home which include downloadable services and links to online worship services.

The Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference said: “We are asking people to change their way of ‘going to church’ to help to protect themselves and others. We have put in place measures that will enable Methodists still to be part of the worshipping community, whilst for everyone’s sake staying away from church buildings. There is a range of resources available for people to use at home which we hope will help them to continue their cycle of prayer and worship. The Methodist Church is more than its buildings and if in these unprecedented times we can continue our life as Methodists without using our buildings we will help to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus.”

If you are running a foodbank or soup kitchen we would urge you to seek advice on how to operate as safely as possible from central bodies such as the Trussell Trust or IFAN. In the first instance ensure that those at high risk are not volunteering and put at risk, minimise contact and observe social distancing, ensure people do not remain on the premises but take food away quickly and think through all your processes to minimise all unnecessary person to person contact. There should be no-one on the premises who doesn’t need to be there.

If you’re running a night shelter there is advice available here:

posted 23/03/20


What should I do if I am due to take my sabbatical?

In order that the Church’s ministry might be at full strength after the crisis prearranged sabbaticals should be taken as arranged and may only be deferred with the permission of the District Sabbaticals Group (SO 744). Any change in the timing of a sabbatical may only take place after consultation as directed in SO744  noting that this will impact on future planning. In any case any deferment should be within this Connexional Year.

Full guidance is found in SO 744 and this should be followed.

posted 23/03/20


How does COVID-19 affect supervision arrangements?

Guidance on receiving supervision while social distancing can be found here.

Guidance on offering supervision while social distancing can be found here.

posted 21/03/20


What is happening to candidates for the ministry during the current situation?

The Candidates Selection Committee will not physically meet in the way planned from 23 March but all candidates have been contacted about the way in which the candidating process will be completed.

 posted 20/03/20


Updated advice on Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Click here for the update.

posted  20/03/20


Superintendents' Conferences 2020 - CANCELLED

It is with sadness that I write to inform you that we have decided to cancel this year’s Superintendents’ Conferences in Oxford and Blackpool.

The current uncertainty around coronavirus means that Superintendents will have different demands in their home circuits. Cancelling now releases Superintendents to focus their attention on local needs and also protects the church a little from losses of people booking train tickets (and having to cancel them later) and some of the venue costs.

It is of course my prayer that we are over this crisis before May, but on current predictions this is unlikely. Over the coming weeks, health permitting we on the Connexional Team we will continue to find ways to help you respond to Our Calling in these challenging times.

Be assured of my prayers


posted 19/03/20


A message from the Secretary of the Conference

The Methodist Church

18 March 2020

Brothers and sisters,


We are living in strange times and as so often we find ourselves pulled in different directions. As those called to pastoral ministry, we are committed to doing the best that we can to care for people at a time of great anxiety and uncertainty. As responsible members of and representatives in our communities, we need to follow the advice of the Government to keep people as safe and free of the risk of contagion as possible.


For those reasons, the Connexional Team yesterday issued advice that all worship services and business and fellowship meetings should be suspended. We have cleared the diary for meetings at Methodist Church House until Easter and will review the situation on a daily basis from now on. Our social outreach work needs to continue as well as it possibly can, so please be mindful of the guidance around good hygiene in running (for example) foodbanks, night shelters, or drop-ins for the homeless. Again, we balance the care that is essential with our need to fulfil our mission to those who are (as in all situations) the most vulnerable.


The guidance on public worship affects the occasional offices. Whilst it is not appropriate to hold large public celebrations of Baptism, the current situation might lead parents or others not to want to delay a Baptism and we need to be willing to offer an appropriate pastoral response and if need be Baptism with a much smaller gathering. Similarly, we are assuming that all weddings will be postponed but that there might be exceptional circumstances in which a marriage can be solemnized with a small number of witnesses. Those who have weddings in the diary will need to speak with sensitivity to the couple concerned about their options.


In the same way, we need to think about our funeral ministry. Local councils will have guidance around what is possible or permission in crematoria and cemeteries. We will want to offer the pastoral care that we can for grieving families and the reverent committal of the deceased to God whilst putting off the holding of large memorial services.


Our guidance on pastoral visits is on the website. You might want to consider what can be offered by telephone rather than face to face, and perhaps a telephone cascade system to enable prayer requests, pastoral news and the need for practical help to be passed on.  


There will be financial implications for some churches and circuits. In the first instance, can I ask that any church’s concerns be raised with the circuit and that circuits that feel they are going to run into difficulties speak to their districts? If district treasurers are concerned, they should contact the Finance Office in the Connexional Team. Please be assured that we shall keep our finance operation (including the payroll) running. Our HR team is also on hand should any advice be needed about paid staff whose work may be affected.


The calling of the Church is to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in all circumstances. These trying times are both a challenge and an opportunity to proclaim the faithfulness of God through our continued care for God’s people. We shall continue to update the website with guidance and with ideas about how our mission and our pastoral ministry can continue and we would welcome any examples of good practice that you are following or have seen.


It is important in all this that we do not fail to look after ourselves. Beyond that, supervision and spiritual direction can be offered by telephone or video conference as well as face to face; this might be a time when those who are supervisors need to ensure that they are available more frequently and those who are supervisees need not to be afraid to ask for additional help. And, of course, our physical wellbeing matters and we all need to be alert to the medical advice.


As always, we watch over each other in love. Those of us who work in the Connexional Team have been grateful for the many promises of your prayers that we have received and please be assured that we are praying for you and the communities you serve.


Yours in Christ,

Jonathan R Hustler


Secretary of the Conference

A Prayer by the President of the Conference:


Loving God

If we are ill, strengthen us

If we are tired

Fortify our spirits

If we are anxious

Help us to consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.

Help us not to stockpile treasures from supermarkets in the barns of our larders!

Don't let fear cause us to overlook the needs of others more vulnerable than ourselves

Fix our eyes on your story

And our hearts on your grace

Help us always to hold fast to the good and see the good in others.

And remember there is just one world, one hope,

One everlasting love, with baskets of bread for everyone.

In Jesus we make our prayer,

The one who suffered, died and was raised to new life,


In whom we trust, these days and all days. Amen


posted 18/03/20


COVID-19 Update (March 17th)

Click here for the latest update.

posted 17/03/20


COVID-19 Update (March 16th)

Please find below a message from Jude Levermore and Paul Wood:


As you will appreciate, we are in a very fluid situation, so many people want to make their suggestions and many have to be context specific. The British Government have announced they will give a daily update, we in turn intend to review any guidance given (daily or more frequently as the situation develops) and will update our advice to you as necessary, these can be found here

Worshipping at Home

Last week we provided a worship at home sheet.  We will endeavour to coordinate this for the coming weeks.  A new section on the Singing the Faith plus website has been created to host these materials, you can find this here.  If you are willing to draft a similar act of worship please email Gabriella Mahadeva who will send you guidelines and allocate you a particular Sunday.

We continue to hold you in prayer at this challenging time.

posted 16/03/20


Superintendents' Handbook

We have updated the Superintendents' Handbook! Click here to download it.

posted 13/03/20


Updated Coronavirus guidance for churches

We have  updated our Coronavirus guidance for churches – to read the full guidance click here.

posted 12/03/20


Corona Virus and passing the peace

Please click here for information on passing the peace.

 posted 27/02/20



In the light of the ongoing situation around coronavirus, ministers are being encouraged to take extra care around hygiene when preparing to share Holy Communion.  Please click here for today’s press release and suggested guidelines. We continue to pray for those people affected by the coronavirus.

reposted 27/02/20


Retirement Courses  

We are now taking bookings for the Retirement Course in October and November. 

20-22 October - Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre - click here

3-5 November - High Leigh Conference Centre - click here

posted 21/02/20


Music Summer Exchange 

We’ve received this email from Scott Cockerham, who is the Music Director at St Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Titusville, Florida: 

My son and I lead music here and are planning to go the UK this June and July. Would it be possible to set up a tour of churches that may welcome guest musicians from America? We specialize in taking tradition hymns and freshening them up with bluegrass and jazz styles. We would like to do this on a volunteer basis in exchange for lodging accommodations. For more information please click here.

We share without prejudice or a recommendation but that it might be helpful to parts of the connexion

posted 21/02/20


Preaching from the Prophets 

“Preaching from the Prophets”: a workshop for preachers to explore what the Prophets of the Old Testament have to teach us and how we can communicate their wisdom in our preaching. This workshop will be led by the Revd Dr Wendy Kilworth-Mason, Methodist Presbyter and former university lecturer.

Date & Venue: Saturday 2 May, 12 noon to 4pm, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, Flintshire. Cost: £27, includes lunch. For more information, please click here

To book a place on this workshop, please click here

posted  20/02/20



In the light of the ongoing situation around coronavirus, ministers are being encouraged to take extra care around hygiene when preparing to share Holy Communion.  Please click here for today’s press release and suggested guidelines. We continue to pray for those people affected by the coronavirus.

posted 19/02/20


Superintendents' Conference - Oxford

There are 3 more spaces left at the Superintendents' Conference in Oxford that takes place from 5-7 May at the Oxford Belfry Hotel in Thame. To book your place please click here.

posted 17/02/20


LPWL Newsletter

Our latest LPWL Newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here.

posted 04/02/20


Retirement Course - March 2020 

We have a few more spaces left at the Retirement Course that takes place at High Leigh Conference Centre from 3-5 March 2020. If you are able to attend please click here to book your place.

posted 30/01/20


A First Move in Ministry? 7 more spaces left!

Are you in the fourth year of your first appointment?  Likely to move appointment or seek a reinvitation? This event is for you! To book your place please click here and to download our flyer click here.

posted 28/01/20


Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Officer

We're seeking an innovative leader to join the Methodist Church in Britain team as Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Officer.

Are you passionate about helping new people encounter God and become disciples of Jesus who change the world for the better?

Do you have a track record for inspiring and equipping theologically-diverse people to be confident, inclusive evangelists?

Find out more here.

All people are welcome to apply; we particularly encourage applications from people of colour and younger adults.

posted 23/01/20


Spiritual Formation Event

Divine Intimacy, Ordinary Holiness’ is the intriguing title of the forthcoming Five-Day Community for Spiritual Formation which will be held at Drumalis Retreat Centre, Larne, N. Ireland in June (14-19). Bookings are now open for this retreat which follows a Benedictine-style rhythm, incorporating teaching, silence, worship and small group sharing into a programme which many previous participants have described as life-giving and transformative.  

The Community for Spiritual Formation has its roots in the Upper Room Ministries and is run in Britain by a small group of mainly-Methodist trustees including presbyters Nicola Vidamour, Sheryl Anderson and James Bamber and past Vice-President of Conference, Jill Baker. 

Places are limited so don’t miss out!  More details can be found by visiting the website and downloading the flier and registration form which are there, or by emailing

posted 17/01/20


Retirement Course - February 2020

We still have two places available at the next Retirement Course that takes place from 11-13 February at the Hayes Conference Centre, Derbyshire. If you  are able to attend please e-mail Gabriella - to book.

posted 14/01/20


Superintendents' Conferences 2020

We are now taking bookings for the Superintendents' Conferences 2020. Details can be found here.

posted 09/01/20


Exploring Matthew's  Gospel: Preaching the Lectionary in the Year of Matthew

A workshop for preachers to explore ways in which we can most effectively share the good news of Matthew’s Gospel through our preaching. This workshop will be led by the Revd Neil Richardson, New Testament scholar, author and former President of the British Methodist Conference.

Date: Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Time:  10am to 4pm

Venue:  Ludlow Mascall Centre, Shropshire, SY8 1RZ

Cost: £12 (no lunch) or £17 (includes lunch) 

To book a place, please click here. Please publicise this around your networks.

posted 06/01/20


Superintendents' Conferences 2020 

We will open the booking for the Superintendents' Conferences 2020 on 9 January at 12noon.

posted 20/12/19


Preaching the Good News of Matthew 

“Preaching the Good News of Matthew”: a workshop for preachers to explore ways in which we can most effectively share the good news of Matthew’s Gospel through our preaching. This workshop will be led by the Revd Dr Stephen Wright, Vice Principal and Academic Director of Spurgeon’s College.

Date & Venue: Friday, 17 January 2020, 2pm to 5pm, Mount Street Jesuit Centre, 114 Mount Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 3AY.

Venue is easily accessible by bus or London Underground.

This workshop is free but places are limited.

To book a place on this workshop, please email

posted 11/12/19


Sermon of the Year 2020

This competition, organised by LWPT, is an opportunity to raise the profile of great preaching in your circuit.  Please publicise this at your next Local Preachers’ Meeting and note that the closing date is 23 February 2020.

posted 04/12/19


The StF plus site is now upgraded

Click here to access the newly upgraded site!

posted 04/12/19


Some interesting research from the Bible Society

Click here for a very helpful video.

posted 20/11/19



Are you in year 10-12 of ministry?  Wondering what next? This is for you! Click here to book your place.

posted 08/11/19 and updated 27/01/20


A First Move in Ministry?

Are you in the fourth year of your first appointment?  Likely to move appointment or seek a reinvitation? This event is for you! To book your place please click here and to download our flyer click here.

posted 08/11/19


Supernumeraries web pages

We are delighted to announce that the Supernumeraries webpages are now live on the Methodist Church website and can be accessed by clicking on this link.

posted 06/11/19


LPWL Newsletter

The latest LPWL Newsletter can be downloaded here.

posted 25/10/19


The Well

The Well is a network for all those working with children, young people and families; whether ordained or lay, paid or voluntary the Well is for everyone. If you sign up to the Well you will receive regular mailings containing information about relevant events, resources, opportunities and funding. There is also an extensive range of information and resources in the Well section of the Methodist website. 

You can also find us on Facebook 

and on Twitter @childrenyouth

posted  18/10/19


Church Stewards' Handbook

We are delighted to announce the publication of the long awaited Church Stewards Handbook which is free to download and print locally. We are treating this as a work in progress so if you can think of improvements please do feel free to email Paul Wood

posted 14/10/19


Why are the number of Candidates for Ministry falling?

The Ministries Committee have received this report and share it with the church for its reflection.  Further work around the recommendations will follow.

posted 24/09/19


Remembering Our Call: An Annual Service for Local Preachers

This is now available in Word format and can be downloaded here.

posted 11/09/19


Marriage and Relationships

The report, study guide and film being provided to support discussions around marriage and relationships can be found online here. These resources are also available to order from Methodist Publishing; orders will be dispatched after the 23 September. District synod orders are being collated and handled directly in time for forthcoming  meetings. More resources to support prayerful reflection are to be added online in the next week.

posted 11/09/19


Are you beginning your 4th year in public ministry? Starting to think about your first move in Ministry?

First Move in Ministry – is a fully funded Continuing Development in Ministry opportunity especially for you. Save the date! Click here for our flyer. More details to follow.

posted 30/08/19


Are you in your 10- 12th year of travel – wondering what next?

Recharge could be for you - 22-24 June 2020! Save the date! More information here.

posted 30/08/19


Want to help your people think about their vocations?

Follow Alison Ransome our new Vocations Advisor, on twitter - Alison, is collecting and sharing stories around the Connexion. Share yours by following @MethodistVocat1

posted 30/08/19


Michael Paterson's presentation at the Superintendents' Conference 2019

Michael's video is now available to watch below:

posted 01/08/19


Circuit Stewards' Handbook

We are delighted to announce that the long awaited Circuit Stewards’ Handbook and training materials are now available here

We hope to make the new Church Stewards’ Handbook available in the autumn.

posted 31/07/19


Remembering Our Call: An Annual Service for Local Preachers

This is now available as a PowerPoint to download here.

posted 30/07/19 


Remembering Our Call - An Annual Service for Local Preachers 

Following the decision of Conference in 2018, Local Preachers are required to attend an annual service of reaffirmation of their call (SO 563(3)(v)).  Usually, this will be part of the Local Preachers’ Meeting, but could form part of a circuit service.  An order of service has been prepared by the Faith and Order Committee, and is now available for download here or from the Methodist Church website here.   

We hope that this will become a significant time of worship, celebration and recommitment for those who serve the church through their faithful preaching week by week.

posted 29/07/19


Connexional Evangelism and Growth Strategy Foundations Welcomed at Conference

Since autumn 2018, the new Evangelism and Growth team has led 75 consultations in every region of the Church – the first phase of its work to inspire, architect, and embed a contextual, coherent, and coordinated Connexional Strategy for Evangelism and Growth. Those consultations led to a “Strategic Foundations Paper” that was workshopped at the Superintendents Conferences and the Methodist Conference. Another 300 people from across the Connexion will engage with these strategic foundations at an October 2019 Consultation on Evangelism.

The developed strategy will be presented to the 2020 Conference in Telford for discussion and acceptance. In the meantime, the Evangelism and Growth team is kick-starting some experiments to help the whole Church stretch into a renewed commitment to faith-sharing, growing churches, and starting new Christian communities.

Here are a two ways you can get connected now:

A Mission Plan for Your Church

If your church doesn’t yet have a mission plan, the Mission Planning Toolkit has lots of resources to get you started and to guide you along the way. Mission Planning is a crucial step towards one of our strategic dreams: Every Church Growing.

New Places for New People Grants 

Are you looking to pioneer something new in your circuit or church? We would like to help you get started, and affirm you as you seek God’s calling, with a “New Places for New People” starter grant. We are looking for projects right at the start of their pioneering journey where £100-£1500 would lift a bit of pressure at that early stage.

Trey Hall, Director of Evangelism and Growth said: “As we prepare to launch a significant strategy change in 2020 around starting new churches, partnering with leaders in the most deprived areas of the country, and raising up a movement of young leaders, we’re excited to announce these micro-grants as a very small sign of the expansive commitment that we hope to make in 2020.”

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Worship: Leading & Preaching is changing!

The Worship: Leading & Preaching website was introduced in 2015-16 and is well overdue for a makeover. The new site is now live.

Five headline changes are:

  1. New page design with graphics and colour, optimized for most device types.
  2. Easier navigation around the site – harder to get lost!
  3. Book-marking within Worship and Prepare.
  4. Easier and more efficient printing. 
  5. Course contents re-organised into more logical blocks for learning.

We hope that these changes will make learning more accessible and remove obstacles from the path of those developing their calling as Worship Leaders and Local Preachers.

The technical details of the changes are here.  All existing users will be given prior notice and will be switched to the new course automatically.  They will still be able to access the current course for a while, although we hope that they won’t want to.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Bob Bartindale for clarification. 

posted 16/07/19


New Professional Certificate in Pastoral Supervision Training Course

The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in association with the Institute of Pastoral Counselling & Supervision is offering a course for Clergy, Pastoral Care Team Leaders, Lay Ministers, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Chaplains, Pioneer Ministers and Spiritual Directors to develop understanding and skills in reflective practice in pastoral and ministerial settings.

You can find more information about this and other professional supervision training courses here.

Posted 12/07/19


New Superintendents' Induction Courses 2020

Dates for the New Superintendents' Induction Courses are now on the website at this link.

posted 11/07/19


Exploration Day 18-30s

If you know anyone in the age group of 18-30s who would like to explore a Call to Ministry, please ask them to come along to our Exploration Day that is scheduled for Saturday 5 October 2019 at Methodist Church House, London. Bookings are open at this link. 

posted 11/07/19


Superintendents' Conferences 2019

The material from the Superintendents' Conferences 2019 is now available to download here.

posted 11/07/19


Presbyteral Session Communion Liturgy

The Ex-President of Conference, The Revd Michaela Youngson, has made available the liturgy from the Presbyteral Session of Conference for those who wish to use it. It can be downloaded here

posted 11/07/19


Called to Ordained Ministry - Stories

We’ve added some more Video Testimonies of people called to Ordained Ministry onto the Website at this link. Feel free to use them – in worship, meetings or to direct people who you feel may be called to ordination.

posted 11/07/19

Worship: Leading & Preaching

Spring School and Summer Schools provide the group “Explore” sessions from the Worship: Leading & Preaching course at Cliff College.  Students still require a local tutor and mentor, but benefit from learning with a diverse group from around the connexion.  Summer School takes place from 5 - 9 August at Cliff College and Spring School is 23 - 27 March 2020.  Despite the information on the flyer that can be downloaded here, we will be offering all modules at both events.  If there are those in your circuit who could take advantage of these opportunities, please let them know – bookings will remain open until mid-July. 

Also, our new WLP in a Year programme starts in September.  This is designed to allow completion of Worship: Leading & Preaching within a calendar year, and is especially appropriate for those intending to candidate for ministry.  Further information is available here, or contact David Hunt at

posted 09/07/19


Ministers' Retirement Course

For those looking towards retirement in the next 2 years there is an opportunity to attend the Ministers' retirement course.  Details can be found here.

posted 24/06/19


Vocations Advisor

We are pleased to announce that Alison Ransome the Learning Coordinator from the North West and Mann Region will be seconded from September 2019 to serve in Ministries: Vocations and Worship as Vocations Advisor.  She will take the lead alongside other members of the Connexional team in work around the Vocations Strategy.  Alison has experience of Fresh Expressions of Church and is a passionate advocate for the ministry of the whole people of God –  we look forward to her sharing her gifts with the team.

posted 17/06/19


Superintendents' Conference Oxford 2020

Due to the change of the 2020 May Bank Holiday, the Superintendents' Conference in Oxford will now take place from Tuesday 5 May to Thursday 7 May.

posted 17/06/19


Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine is an event for young people aged 16 -23, who have been chosen by their church to attend, as they are in leadership or show potential in leadership. Rise and Shine will bring young people together for a weekend to listen to God, pray and talk together and gain a deeper understanding of leadership through worship, workshops and creative activities. The weekend is from the 12–14 July at Cliff College in Derbyshire. More details here

 posted 03/06/19


Young Local Preacher Weekend

Do you know a young person aged 16-25 with a call to preach? This year we are launching a Young Local Preachers weekend, for anyone aged 16-25 who is a local preacher, or at any stage in the training, or even just thinking about it! The Methodist Church and Cliff College will be hosting this weekend event full of inspiration, challenge and a chance to develop new skills. The weekend will be held at Cliff College from 20-22 September 2019.  Tickets cost £75 and can be bought via the Eventbrite link here.

 posted 03/06/19


Supervision Record Keeping and Note Taking

Guidance on the handling of supervisory files can be found here.

posted 31/05/19


Candidating for the Ministry? 

Do you know people who you think might or are considering Candidating for the Ministry?

Here are some stories you might like to share.

posted 23/05/19


Circuit and Church Stewards Training Materials

Circuit Stewards materials to be published 14 June
Church Stewards (in draft form) autumn 2019

posted 23/05/19


Worship: Leading and Preaching

Information on Peer Review can be found here.

Annual Service to be published in July

The May LPWL Newsletter can be found here.

posted 23/05/19


Ministry in the Methodist Church – Conference Report

The Conference Report can be found here
Includes Questions for reflections, Bible Study

posted 23/05/19


Update on Supervision Roll Out

Being Supervised - click here for more information.

Expect Research Questionnaire

posted 23/05/19


New MDR guide

Click here to download the MDR guide.

posted 23/05/19


Focus on Vocations

Postcards and new web materials including video testimonies.
Exploring Ordination Days. Click here for more information.

posted 23/05/19

Candidates for Ministry

In 2019-2020 all Candidates must be admitted as Local Preachers or trained and submitted a portfolio as a Worship Leaders (having completed modules 1-4) by February 2020. In effect this means W:LP portfolios must have been submitted by 30 September 2019.

posted 23/05/19

Training for Ministry: Circuit Based Learning Programme

Click here for more information

posted 23/05/19


New Bible Study Materials on the theme of Ministry 

(linked to the Ministry in the Methodist Church conference report)

Read the Bible study materials here

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