There is Room for All Ages and Genders

Mary lived at a time when women were second-class citizens – even more than today. She was very young when she gave birth to Jesus. She might have lacked life experience. God placed great trust in Mary despite her youth.

God gave her the crucial task of nurturing Jesus, and loving and protecting him as he grew to be a man who would be good news for the whole world. The Bethlehem stable has room for people whom others overlook.

Have you had experience of being overlooked? 


Making Room for young people facing adversity



Methodist partner organisation Action for Children have nominated Callum for their Young Shining Start award. After a spell of homelessness he was helped to find a job and a new life.

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Making Room for people from all places and cultures



Methodist partner organisation MHA (Methodist Homes) celebrates South Asian Heritage Month.


Making Room for older people to be included in worship



Leigh-on-sea Methodist church has adapted worship services for those with dementia and memory loss



MakingRoom for retired ministers 


The Methodist Ministers' Housing Society helps retired Methodist ministers of limited means find a home.



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