There is Room for People Experiencing Poverty

The shepherds were the first people after Mary and Joseph to know about the birth of Jesus. Angels visited them as they watched their sheep in a cold, dark field. Shepherds were rough-and-ready people: they didn’t earn much money and they didn’t get a lot of respect.

But God chose them to be the first to hear the good news of Jesus’ birth. In fact, God often favours people experiencing poverty throughout the Bible. The Bethlehem stable has room for people who have little.

What has been your experience of poverty in your own life or in your community?


Making Room for those struggling financially



Selby Street Mission is a place where love is in action, a safe place for people to spend time, receive counselling, food, friendship, clothing, bible study, worship and prayer.


Making Room in Warm Spaces



As energy costs soar, churches in Gateshead are now ‘warm spaces’, welcoming in the community.   

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