Highest being, you are the creator of the visible and invisible world. 
You are the source of life and all lives.
All creatures are yours, including us.

Through this prayer we put in words our emotions.
Emotions of amazement and joy at the marvels we witness in nature and society of living beings
but also emotions of shame and fear at the destructions of human activities.

You are the energy of true growth which sustains life.
We seek to imitate you with our economic growth, progress and civilisation.

Forgive us for our arrogance.

May your Holy Spirit inspire us away from greed and pride so we may enjoy and sustain your creation.
May your son, Jesus Christ, lead us on the path of respect and humility.
May we witness and learn from your Holy Trinity the harmony which should inspire us in our relation with your creation.

As we are not ours but yours, we acknowledge that the creation is not ours but yours. Amen 

The Revd Laurent Vernet

Suggested reading: Psalm 104: 14-21