Open letter to Alok Sharma calls for bold action over the climate crisis

04 October 2021

Ahead of the UN conference on climate change in Glasgow next month,  a youth-led, global Methodist campaign,  Climate Justice for All (CJ4A)have released an open letter to COP26 President Alok Sharma calling for bold and ambitious action to avert further damage caused to the environment by climate change. The letter has been released for British Methodists to sign.

Reflecting the work of the CJ4A movement, the letter says:

"Young people have been pioneers in the climate movement, and as a Church we have been led by their prophetic voice as we have responded to the climate crisis. Our young people have continually expressed their fears for the planet, and have called on those in power to do more to protect their future. We urge you to hold these fears close to your heart as you lead COP26. We ask that you test the impact of the resolutions you make on generations to come. To neglect to do so would be a betrayal of the young people whose voices have been so active in driving the climate movement, and who risk bearing the heaviest consequences of our actions in years to come."

The letter came from consultation sessions that CJ4A held with Methodists in Britain earlier this year. CJ4A wanted to find out what people wanted to say to our leaders at COP and the letter captures the heart and passion of what was shared during these sessions.

Mollie Pugmire, British CJ4A worker, said:

“We wanted to make sure we were properly representing the voices of Methodists in Britain who so boldly shared their anger and frustration at the way in which the climate crisis is handled by our national and global leaders. I was really inspired by the way in which despite all the anger, people had not given up and were prepared to call upon their leaders to do what it takes to achieve climate justice for all.” 

The letter is open for Methodists to sign until the end of the 24th October.

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