Equatorial Guinea - World Mission Fund support for those affected by the explosion in Bata.


There were series of explosions in Bata, the economic capital of Equatorial Guinea on 7 March 2021 at 1.45pm. The blasts were from a military base where dynamite was stored alongside a military arsenal. The fire was caused by stubble burning at nearby farms and the explosions destroyed homes and buildings within the 3 km radius of the Nkoantoma military base.  BBC reports on the explosions can be found here.

As of Sunday 29 March 2021, the death toll had risen to 110, with more than 650 people injured and thousands displaced. Volunteers were recruited to search for victims buried under the rubble and care for the survivors. Sadly, very close to the military base is a government social housing estate, which was worst hit. The President and the Minister of Health and Social Welfare appealed for support from both local and international agencies for support.

Iglesia Metodista de Guinea Ecuatorial (IMGE)  has received £10000 from the World Mission Fund  for relief and provision of school supplies and temporary school site for children of the displaced families caused by the multiple blasts.

IMGE will set up a temporary school site with school supplies to enable the affected children to return to school. In addition, IMGE wish to offer clothing, food, hygiene and consumable items for the displaced families including the elderly and vulnerable adults.  Methodist church members have volunteered to serve the victims as well as help with erecting a temporary school for the displaced children since IMGE is renowned in Equatorial Guinea for its excellent schools.               

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