Ewe, thina (We walk his way) (StF 775)

Country or culture:
South Africa
Authors & translators:
Nyberg, Anders (auth)
Authors & translators:
Fast, Sven-Bernhard
Composers & arrangers:
Nyberg, Anders (comp)
Singing the Faith: 775 (CD31 #26)
STF Number:

Ideas for use

Try establishing a rhythm for children to clap or bang out as the words are sung (see Let the children sing). This is a hymn that almost demands to be sung on the move. Try forming a procession as you sing - maybe the children can parade around the congregation; or maybe this can be used as a hymn to march out to or during an open-air event.

The layout of this hymn has caused a little confusion for some. Here’s how we think it works (referring to the music edition of Singing the Faith):

The chorus (“Ewe, thina”/”We walk his way”) is always sung twice. Sing the first two lines to the repeat bars and then, the second time round, jump to the 2nd time bar. This leads you into the verse.

Verses 1&2 (which are only 2 bars in duration) lead straight back into the chorus in the bar marked 1st and 2nd time ending (top of p.2).

At the end of verse 3, jump to the 3rd time ending (p.2, line 2), which gives you an extended, 2-bar conclusion to the verse. At the repeat sign marked “DS. Al Fine”, return to the first full bar of the chorus at the beginning of the song and sing the chorus twice through as usual. It comes to a conclusion in the 2nd time bar at the word “Fine”.

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