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Prayer is foundational to faith

It's how we communicate with God, and it is the life-giving fuel that powers our actions.

It's the sunshine that brings a smile to our face and brings light to hidden places.

It is the rain that helps new creation grow from the hidden depths.

Explore ways to pray below.

A prayer for today

Pray our daily prayers along with thousands of others, each day.

Hands cupping clear water from a spring

Need help with prayer?

How are you feeling right now? Let us guide you through some prayers and reflections.

A poppy field.

Can prayer really heal us?

Prayer is not always easy. This is the reality for all of us. And if we don't get what we ask for, it can feel like we must be doing something wrong.

Meditative young woman

Looking for creative ways to pray?

Prayer can happen in many different ways. How can you weave prayer through your daily life?

Cairn of stones on a beach

Sunshine and Showers - cloud, rain and sunshine

Prayer is a paradox

For many people, it is one of the hardest things about being a follower of Jesus, partly because it is not straightforward.

Prayer is full of mystery and paradox, things that are true and yet contradictory – like the classic British weather forecast of sunshine and showers.

God loves you

unconditionally, no strings attached.

That’s the good news.


A Methodist Way of Life

In the Methodist Church, there are 12 practices that we think help us to encounter God. We call this A Methodist Way of Life.

The Methodist Prayer Handbook

The Methodist Prayer Handbook includes prayers for every day of the year, as well as other content based around the theme for the year.

A mockup of the Hidden Treasures 23/24 Methodist Prayer Handbook.