A Methodist Way of Life

God loves you

unconditionally, no strings attached.

That’s the good news.

Nothing we do can make God love us more – but it can help us realise how deeply we are loved by God. We respond to God's love in Christ through the way we live our lives. The calling of the Methodist Church is to support you in this.

God longs to take you on a journey of a lifetime. Being a disciple is a bit like being a traveller on a train; taking an adventure through life, taking risks, growing and learning. It starts with a choice: getting on the train and committing to following Jesus. Will you go where Jesus wants to take you?

In the Methodist Church, there are 12 practices that we think particularly help us to encounter God. We call this A Methodist Way of Life. Each practice is a station on the journey where we meet God and grow in faith. Where will you explore today?

Every time we visit a station, we learn something new about ourselves and Jesus, as the Holy Spirit works in us. That’s why it’s important to reflect on our experiences, alone and with others, as we journey. How do you reflect and grow?

Looking for discipleship resources for your church or circuit? Click here.

“I’ve visited some of the stations many times, and each time I go deeper, learning something new about God and myself. I admit I’ve avoided some of the stations – I’m not always brave enough to tell people about Jesus. But I’m praying for the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and share my faith with those I love.”

Take a look at the 12 practices of a Methodist Way of Life, maybe using the Pocket Guide.

How have you felt God’s love at any of these stations?