Sunday 28 June, 2020


13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings are laid out as for the continuous form of the lectionary. Alternative related readings (OT and psalm only) are below. Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading.

Genesis 22: 1-14

Captain of Israel's host, and Guide (StF 459)
Have faith in God, my heart (StF 466)
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us (StF 238)
O Love divine, what have you done! (StF 278)
When we are living, we are in the Lord (StF 485)
*When were in the darkest night (StF 241)

Psalm 13

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

God moves in a mysterious way (StF 104)
How long, O Lord, will you forget an answer to my prayer? (StF 630)
I've had questions without answers (StF 632)
*When were in the darkest night (StF 241)

Romans 6: 12-23

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound (StF 440)
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine (StF 548)
Great God, your love has called us here (StF 499)
Let him to whom we now belong (StF 557)
Lord, I come to you, let my heart be changed, renewed (StF 471)
Thou hidden source of calm repose (StF 366)
We come to you with no pretence (StF 435)

Matthew 10: 40-42

Brother, sister, let me serve you (StF 611)
Give me the faith which can remove and sink the mountain to a plain (StF 661)
*God has spoken – by his prophets (StF 157)
God of all power, and truth, and grace (StF 498)
Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love (StF 249)
Sent by the Lord am I (StF 239)
When I needed a neighbour were you there (StF 256)

Alternative related readings

Jeremiah 28: 5-9

*God has spoken – by his prophets (StF 157)
The prophets’ voice comes down the years (StF 162)
When listening prophets dare to speak (StF 163)

Psalm 89: 1-4, 15-18

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided (StF 470)
O sing to the Lord, O sing God a new song (StF 42)
Rejoice, the Lord is King! (StF 335)
We are marching in the light of God (StF 483)

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