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Using this series of services for each day during Holy Week allows us to focus on the seven last ‘words’ that Jesus speaks from the cross, according to the four Gospels.

Our worship will include words from the Iona Community, published in a book called Stages on the Way: Worship resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter (Wild Goose Worship Group)  The Iona Community have granted us permission to use their resources, and we offer them our thanks.  Where you see the “*” symbol, the material comes from this resource.

The Methodist Modern Art Collection has allowed us to include images on some of the days during Holy Week.  The details are included beside each image.

There is a rich tradition in Methodism of using our hymnbooks as prayer books.  If you can’t access the music (many hymns can be found on YouTube), or if you don’t know the suggested hymns, pray through the words instead.   The numbers in brackets beside the hymns refer to the Singing the Faith CD collection, in the format CD Number/Track Number, e.g. (11/12)

If you are printing these services on behalf of your local church, please include your local CCLi Number.

Palm Sunday (Word doc.)
Palm Sunday (Pdf)

Monday of Holy Week (Word doc.)
Monday of Holy Week (Pdf)

Tuesday of Holy Week (Word doc.)
Tuesday of Holy Week (Pdf)

Wednesday of Holy Week (Word doc.)
Wednesday of Holy Week (Pdf)

Maundy Thursday (Word doc.)
Maundy Thursday (Pdf)

Good Friday (Word doc.)
Good Friday (Pdf)

Holy Saturday (Word doc.)
Holy Saturday (Pdf)

Easter Day (Word doc.)
Easter Day (Pdf)

Also see alternative services for Holy Week and Easter

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